Liam Lawson adjusting to the busy life of being a motorsport star

Up-and-coming Kiwi motorsport star Liam Lawson is used to going fast, as shown on his F2 debut when he surprised the world by winning his first ever event.

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Lawson has swapped out F2 for the DTM series, all part of a busy schedule for the young man. Source: 1 NEWS

But now life is coming at him fast, as he becomes a man in demand.

He has moved into a new apartment in the UK, has bills to pay, and plenty of washing to do.

"I made an omelette, it's the first time I've made anything by myself and it's the worst omelette I've had I swear," Lawson told 1 NEWS.

But you can forgive the youngster for his cooking skills after a hectic few weeks, he's now been testing GT3 Ferrari's in Hockenheim's winter.

"Over the next couple of months there's going to be a lot of times while there's not F2 stuff, I'll just be going and testing, going and testing."

It is all part of Lawson's crazy schedule this year.

Not only is he chasing F2 glory, but he is also racing in Europe's elite touring car championship, the DTM series, where he was selected alongside F1 driver Alex Albon.

"The biggest thing going from a single seater to this car is being able to put that car on the limit," Lawson said.

"I always get a bit worried that I'm not going to be able to do that when I drive other cars but I was happy I was able to do that."

The Pukekohe teen is the youngest in the championship and after the first day of testing he posted the fourth-fastest time.

But he has no plans to change careers.

"The goal is absolutely still the same and I don't want to take anything away from that F1 is still where I want to go."