Kiwi teen Marcus Armstrong returning to Toyota Racing Series ahead of Formula 3 tilt

Kiwi Formula 3 driver Marcus Armstrong will get some valuable time behind the wheel ahead of the next European racing season, revealing that he'll compete once again in the Toyota Racing Series.

Having finished fifth in last year's F3 championship for Prema Powerteam, Armstrong will line up for the M2 Competition side when the Toyota Racing Series begins next weekend, before returning to Europe.

Speaking to 1 NEWS today, the 18-year old said that the decision was all about staying in top form for his European return.

"[The] Toyota Racing Series is a good opportunity to do extra miles," he began.

"I could be having a longer holiday, or going back to Europe a little bit earlier and doing some training there. But instead, it's a good opportunity to do extra miles.

"We could do extra training over in Europe before the season starts, and go along with the guys, and help with the development with the car in F3, and just be around the boys and the team over there. But then again, I like driving, so here we are."

Armstrong continued to say that any time behind the wheel is invaluable, as he attempts to break through in Europe, with the ultimate desire of breaking through into Formula One.

"Doing laps is doing laps, every time I'm on track I feel like I'm improving, and that's the main thing.

"Formula 1 is the goal, when you go over there and see it, it reminds you what you're really working for.

"During the season when you're training and you're doing what you do, you sometimes lose perspective. Then you go to an F1 race, and it reminds you 'that's exactly what you want to do."

Armstrong's Formula 1 dream will be a constant reminder for the young Kiwi in particular this season, with the Formula 3 season schedule an exact mirror of Europe's premier motorsport series, something he's using as a driving force going forward in his fledgling career.

"I wouldn't say the pressure's on, but this sort of stuff motivates me a lot to perform at a high level.

"These championships, F2 and F3, are arguably more entertaining than F1, mainly because there's so much action happening, a lot of overtaking. Occasionally there's some crashes as well, so it's fun to watch for the spectators.

"Fingers crossed everything goes well for me as well."

The Toyota Racing Series begins on January 12, with the first race of the season at Highlands Motorsport Park, Cromwell.

Marcus Armstrong. Source: Photosport

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