'It's hectic' - Kiwi sister duo taking on go-karting's best at Las Vegas Supernationals

When the Go-karting Supernationals begin in Las Vegas next week, a duo of Kiwi sisters will be putting sibling rivalries aside to represent New Zealand on the world stage.

Ashleigh and Madeline Stuart have made names for themselves racing on New Zealand circuits, off to Las Vegas to compete in the Supernationals for the second time.

Despite being up against some of the world's best though, the Stuart sisters aren't daunted by the challenge.

"It's very exciting," Ashleigh told 1 NEWS. "It's like nothing else that you can do in the kart in the entire world.

"The best in the world, all gathering in one place on a track that nobody has raced at before."

"It's hectic, that's the best way to explain it," said sister Madeline.

Naturally though, the sisters will look to outdo each other, before taking on the competition.

"When Madeline first moved into juniors, there was a little bit of clashes that happened out on the track."

"I think I'm probably the competitive one. But we get on really well off the track, so it makes it easier to help each other on the track," replied Madeline.

The pair will compete at the Supernationals for the second year in a row, tasting the Las Vegas competition in 2017, now better for the experience.

"It's just that feeling inside that you know you can do it, because you did it last year," Ashleigh said.

"This year, you've just got to go and push harder."

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    Ashleigh and Madeline Stuart will represent New Zealand at the Supernationals in Las Vegas. Source: 1 NEWS

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