Former Warrior Johnny Tuivasa-Sheck on saying no to alcohol, nightlife – 'I don't want to promote it'

Former Warriors recruit Johnny Tuivasa-Sheck has revealed why he doesn't drink alcohol and stays away from nightclubs, saying he didn't want to be caught up in the "rugby scene".

The younger brother of Warriors captain Roger Tuivasa-Sheck joined TVNZ1's Breakfast this morning to talk about his decision to give up footy and pursue a career in video, having become a popular figure in social media.

Tuivasa-Sheck has amassed 118,000 followers on Instagram, 155,000 followers on Facebook and his YouTube channel has 34,000 subscribers.

The 23-year-old says two things all his fans won't see from him anywhere - "girls and alcohol."

"I know that there's alcohol all over the scene and I want the last place for that to be on my socials (social media) because I have such a young following," he said.

"I don't want that influence of alcohol and the nightclub scene to be all over my socials just because that's not something I want to promote because that's not something I do."

Tuivasa-Sheck said because his parents don't drink too, it makes it easier to be open about.

He added while rugby league is going through a difficult time at the moment, with Mad Monday hooliganism and sexual assault allegations surfacing in the NRL offseason, it wasn't the full picture.

"There's actually good men who love their family and everything - they're on Facetime all the time to their kids when we're on tour and stuff.

"But being in the scene, the footy industry, you see [bad off-field behaviour] a lot and it sucks."

The social media star says he doesn’t want to influence young fans with a lifestyle he doesn’t follow. Source: Breakfast