Eagle-eyed NRL fans spot cardboard cutout of serial killer in 'crowd'

NRL fans have been quick to point out a rather odd sighting in the stands in Campbelltown yesterday during a tense 14-all draw between the Penrith Panthers and the Newcastle Knights.

A cardboard cutout of British serial killer, Dr Harold Shipman, was spotted in the stands at Campbelltown during the 14-all draw between the Penrith Panthers and the Newcastle Knights Source: Twitter/@heathenhouse

For just $22, NRL fans can have a cardboard image of themselves placed in the stands of live games, as stadiums remain empty due to the threat of Covid-19.

So far, many have jumped at the opportunity to have a picture of themselves on display at their team's home ground.

However, one Canberra Raiders fan with a particularly dark sense of humor seemed to have decided to submit the image of British serial killer Dr Harold Shipman. 

As the camera panned across the crowd many viewers recognised the face, sitting atop a bright green Canberra Raiders supporter template.

Shipman, a British physician, is widely regarded as the deadliest serial killer in modern history, commonly injecting his patients with lethal doses of painkillers. 

"Doctor Death", as he is also known, is believed to have been responsible for more than 250 deaths spanning from the mid 1970s into the late 90s.

Shipman received a life sentence after being found guilty of murder in 2000 but died in prison in 2004.

The unusual audience member recieved mixed reactions, with some amused while others voiced their disgust at the practical joke.

People urged the NRL to look at the photographs more carefully before placing them in the stands.

"Disgusting and disappointed that the @NRL didn't check the photo submitted," Twitter user Alexander Swift wrote.

Meanwhile another Twitter user by the name of Mellow Sins wrote: "@NRL am absolutely loving the panthers v Knights in sunny England but not sure why serial killer Harold Shipman is in the stands.......#NRLPanthersKnights".