Benji Marshall believes he can be NRL's best half in 2019 - 'I can get to another level'

Veteran playmaker Benji Marshall is ready to reclaim his title as one of the best halves in the game after finding his love for rugby league again this preseason.

Marshall will line up with the West Tigers in his 19th season and believes he's got what it takes to get back to his show-stopping prime like when he was making headlines in 2005.

"I fell like I've got a lot to offer still," the 33-year-old said.

"I feel like I'm competing every day on the field like I want to be there - that's a big driving factor and I feel like I lost that for a couple of years, where I wanted to be the best.

"But this preseason and how hard it's been has given me a new lease on life that I can get to another level."

With his newfound drive, Marshall has set himself a lofty goal - being the best five-eighth in the competition.

"If you don't aim for the top, then it's hard to get there so if you think you can be the best then you're every chance of getting there.

"If you fall short, at least you gave yourself a ceiling to get to."

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