'I would play better golf if I didn't have crooked knees!' Meet the vibrant 96-year-old still playing 18 holes at his local club weekly

Hanging up the boots and calling it a day on sport is one of the most difficult prospects for professionals and amateurs alike.

But one man is proving it's never too late to just keep on playing.

Len Kenna - one of the founding members of Karori Golf Club, tries to play two rounds of golf a week – at the age of 96.

Having played the game for almost 50 years, Kenna likes to play a couple of rounds with like-minded people when he can for the love of the sport.

"We're all pretty old," he said.

"And that's why we try and play easy golf so that we don't go pulling anything here or breaking anything there - because it takes too long to heal!"

Competition is the last thing on Kenna and his friends’ minds, with handshakes and congratulations usually shared when one player has a good hit on the green.

There's nothing magical in the waters of Karori – but fellow club member David Sercombe has a good idea why golfers here can keep teeing it up well into their nineties.

"To come out here and enjoy these conditions is like a panacea for everything. Wonderful."

While the rounds may be getting a little slower, there's nothing to suggest that Kenna will be packing away the clubs any time soon.

"I would play better golf at 96 if I didn't have two crooked knees which have regrettably lost all their cartilage," he said.

"I can play but stagger around slowly and I probably should have taken more painkillers!"

Crooked knees or not - we could all learn a valuable thing or two from Kenna on the golf course.

Karori Golf Club founding and life member Len Kenna tries to play two rounds when he can. Source: 1 NEWS

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