Pressure, passion and putting: Take a look inside the crazy but growing world of competitive mini-golf

Mini-golf, or crazy golf as it is also known, is becoming a competitive sport around the globe and to see the passion and pressure people feel competing it, you need look no further than the current world champion.

Marc Chapman was recently crowned the Crazy Golf World Champion and upon receiving his trophy, he broke down in tears thanking his parents for being there to support him.

"It meant a lot last year, it meant a lot this year," he told the BBC.

England Golf knows it means a lot too and are even sending ambassadors to competitive events to look at ways of bringing the two vastly different codes together.

Regardless of the discipline, Chapman says there's one emotion everyone feels.

"I'd be lying if I said I didn't get nervous," he said.

"It's very natural when something means a lot to you to feel the pressure."