Wellington Phoenix have mixed emotions about Usain Bolt's arrival in A League

The Wellington Phoenix are in two minds about the possibility of going up against the world's fastest man.

Phoenix general manager David Dome told reporters today the arrival of Usain Bolt for his indefinite trial with the Central Coast Mariners was a peculiar situation that players and fans alike would see view in a plethora of ways.

"There's no doubt the guy can kick a ball," Dome said.

"He's not absolutely clueless - he does have some level of skill."

But while Dome respected the former sprinter's ability, he said the same may not go for others.

"Some players will embrace it with one of the most famous sports people in the world bringing attention to their league while others won't see it quite so positively...but if you talk to ten players you might get ten different opinions on Usain Bolt potentially playing in A League.

"I suppose you can see it two ways. One it's a positive thing and it brings people to the A League ...people who may not already be watching it while others will see it not appropriate - he doesn't have a background in football and has to prove himself like everybody else."

The Olympic sprint champion admits just like athletics the first day of training is the toughest. Source: 1 NEWS

When asked if the Phoenix pursued the Jamaican, Dome said the Kiwi club were never given the chance in the first place.

"He was not touted around the A-League. He was not offered up to all the clubs like some players have been ... and we weren't interested in pursuing him as an option but obviously the Mariners have got a different view."

The Mariners are not putting a timeline on how long they will give Bolt to prove himself before deciding whether to offer a contract or not but head coach Mike Mulvey expects it to be 12 months.

"This guy is a winner," he said at yesterday's press conference.

"Eight gold medals in the Olympics. You don't just do that by having great ability. You do it by having great mental capacity.

"If we can pass on a little bit of that to my players, who are coming from the cellar and trying to get to the top, this could be great.

The Olympic champion is in Australia to trial with the A-League's Central Coast Mariners.

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