Heartbreak for England as Italy win Euro 2020 in thrilling penalty shootout

Relive 1 NEWS' live updates of the Euro 2020 final between England and Italy at Wembley Stadium in London this morning.

Italy embrace goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma after his penalty shootout heroics saw Italy win the European Championship against England. Source: Getty

FT: ENG 1-1 ITA (ENG 2-3 ITA on penalties)

It's heartbreak for England, it's pure elation for Italy. Donnarumma proved too hard to beat in the shootout. It's absolute despair for Gareth Southgate's men and the Wembley crowd is in a hushed whisper. The Italian players head towards their fans in the crowd who are dancing with joy. England will have to continue to wait for another trophy!

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Saka now for England. He goes right and DONNARUMMA SAVES AGAIN!!! ITALY HAVE WON IT!

Jorginho steps up to win it for Italy. He never misses. Will he miss here? HE DOES! PICKFORD SAVES LOW TO HIS RIGHT! (ENG 2-3 ITA)

Sancho up for England. He goes right and so does Donnarumma. SAVED BY THE ITALIAN!! (ENG 2-3 ITA)

Bernardeschi steps up to the mark. He fires one low and hard down the centre as Pickford goes left. (ENG 2-3 ITA)

Rashford now for England. He is taking his sweet time before mishitting it into the left post!! LEVEL AGAIN (ENG 2-2 ITA)

Bonucci for Italy. He shuffles up to the ball and sends it top left just out of reach of Pickford. (ENG 2-2 ITA)

Maguire now for England. The Manchester United skipper sends Donnarumma the wrong way and blasts it into the top right corner. ADVANTAGE ENGLAND! (ENG 2-1 ITA)

Belotti steps up for Italy. He looks nervous and his shot is SAVED BY PICKFORD!! (ENG 1-1 ITA)

It's Kane for England. He fires it powerfully to the left corner, just out of reach of Donnarumma! (ENG 1-1 ITA)

Italy will take the first penalty of the shootout. Berardi steps up and slots it into the left corner. (ENG 0-1 ITA)


That's the end of extra time and we are going to penalties! What a finish to this game and this tournament. Which team can keep their nerves now. Italy will feel confident with the imposing figure of Donnarumma in goal.

120min: ENG 1-1 ITA

Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho enter the fray in the dying moments as penalties loom. Italy have one last chance off the corner. The ball finds a head in the middle but not enough to guide it towards goal.

117min: ENG 1-1 ITA

Italy have a big shout for a handball inside the box but the referee waves them away. Replays show the ball hit Stones' arm but there was nothing much the defender could do about it. Probably the right call.

113min: ENG 1-1 ITA

Grealish has gone down in agony as he and Jorginho clash going for the ball. Replays show Jorginho's foot got the ball before slipping studs up onto Grealish's leg. After some treatment he gets back up. It's an England free kick. Phillips takes but Donnarumma comes out and grabs it.

111min: ENG 1-1 ITA

Sterling plays a beautiful one-two that sees him sneak through the Italian defence and in on goal but it's Chiellini again who recovers and manages to take the ball away from the English forward just in time.

108min: ENG 1-1 ITA

England come back down the field and a long throw causes chaos in the box. The ball bounces around and a Kane chip into the centre is just able to be punched away by Donnarumma before Stones can get a head on it.

107min: ENG 1-1 ITA

Italy win a free kick at the beginning of the second period. Bernadeschi fires a left-footed bullet around the wall that Pickford can only parry. It falls safely and the England keeper is able to regather.

105min: ENG 1-1 ITA

Stressed England supporters watch on as the Euro 2020 final goes down to the wire. Source: Associated Press

England have one final shot before half time. Shaw floats in the cross but the whistle blows almost immediately as England players are called for pushing in the box.

That's half time of extra time. Still no separating these two teams. One final 15-minute period remains before the dreaded penalties begin.

103min: ENG 1-1 ITA

Italy nearly find a way through! Emerson whips in a dangerous ball across goal and Belotti manages to get a boot on it. It ricochets off Stones and touches Belotti again before it lands just wide of the left post for a goal kick.

99min: ENG 1-1 ITA

Mason Mount is replaced by Jack Grealish, much to the delight of the Wembley crowd. Many supporters had wanted Grealish to start all tournament.

96min: ENG 1-1 ITA

England turn the ball over and break away quickly. It falls to Sterling on the left flank and he just loses it under his feet allowing Chiellini enough time to come across and cut off his cross.

90min: ENG 1-1 ITA

Extra time has begun - which one of these teams can find a breakthrough?


That's the whistle for full time and we are heading for extra time! There will be two periods of 15 minutes to try and find a winner. If the scores remain tied after extra time we go to penalties.

90+5min ENG 1-1 ITA

Italy have one last threatening play down the right wing. The cross just sails over the head of Berardi and Saka manages to clear.

90+3min ENG 1-1 ITA

Six minutes of added time - can one team break the deadlock in the dying moments?

88min: ENG 1-1 ITA

Sterling goes on a mazy run down the left flank, working his way into the box. But he loses his dribble at the last moment and can't keep the ball in play as it rolls out for a goal kick.

85min: ENG 1-1 ITA

England have a free kick in a dangerous area but Italy clear the ball away. It falls to Shaw who blasts it high into the stands. Chiesa is going off now, replaced by Bernadeschi. Also, a fun fact: Donnarumma has never conceded more than one goal in a game in his international career. This is his 33rd cap for Italy.

84min: ENG 1-1 ITA

England have their first attack in what feels like an hour, with Mount delivering a cross into the box from the left wing. It hits Saka and he can't control it before Italy clear their lines.

81min: ENG 1-1 ITA

A moment for the players to gather their breath as Chiesa is treated on the field. Italy will be hoping he can continue, he's looked ominous all game.

73min: ENG 1-1 ITA

Chiellini plays a long pass over the top to a charging Berardi. Pickford chooses to come out but can't get there as Berardi volleys over the top! 

71min: ENG 1-1 ITA

Bukayo Saka replaces Trippier as England seek to regain the advantage. It has been all Italy so far this half and there will be plenty of nails being chewed in the Wembley stands.

66min: ENG 1-1 ITA

Leonardo Bonucci is swamped by his Italian teammates after scoring in the Euro 2020 final. Source: Associated Press

ITA GOAL!! Chiesa curls in a teasing cross from the left wing, where Maguire just gets a touch out for a corner. The corner comes in and the ball bounces to the back post. Chiellini misses it but Berardi's header hits the post. It bounces out to the feet of Bonucci who tucks it into the back of the net!! Italy have equalised!!

62min: ENG 1-0 ITA

Chiesa is so close to levelling the scores! The Italian forward curls a low shot off his right foot from the middle of the box and forces a fantastic save from Pickford! Chiesa has been the best player on the park tonight.

57min: ENG 1-0 ITA

Italy nearly find a way through! Chiesa's shot lands at the feet of Insigne, and he weasels his way into a narrow space near the left post and fires a shot at Pickford, who can only parry it away. A scare for England.

56min: ENG 1-0 ITA

England have themselves a free kick from the left wing, Maguire gets his head to it but it goes well over the goal.

53min: ENG 1-0 ITA

Italy threaten again, but Insigne misfires a shot from just inside the left corner of the box and it flies across goal towards the corner flag. Two changes for Italy as Barella and Immobile are replaced by Cristante and Berardi.

50min: ENG 1-0 ITA

Italy win another free kick just outside the area. Insigne again has a shot but again can't keep the ball down and it sails above the right post once more.

48min: ENG 1-0 ITA

Sterling breaks through the defence but a last-ditch effort from Bonucci cuts him off and Sterling goes down! But no penalty!

45min: ENG 1-0 ITA

England get us back underway for the second half!


So that's halftime and England are 45 minutes away from European glory and breaking their 55-year trophy drought. 

But Italy are certainly not going to go down without a fight. Despite not being able to trouble English goalkeeper Jordan Pickford, they really took control of the game in the latter stages of the half and looked the more likely to score. Federico Chiesa and Lorenzo Insigne are looking like the danger men for Italy, but it was a brilliant strike from Luke Shaw of all people that separates the two teams at the break.

We'll be back in a moment with all the second-half action.

45min: ENG 1-0 ITA

England are having to hold out until halftime now as Italy ramp up the pressure. There's four minutes of added time. Di Lorenzo floats in a low cross from the right wing that Immobile strikes on the half-volley towards goal. Stones gets in the way just in the nick of time as that could have threatened the net.

41min: ENG 1-0 ITA

Italy are starting to look better and better towards the end of this first half. Chiesa is the man again bringing some energy. He wins a freekick on the right flank around 35 yards out. Verratti swings in the cross towards the back post. England clear but only right back to Italian feet. It goes for a throw-in but Emerson's throw goes between Insigne's legs and out for a goal kick.

37min: ENG 1-0 ITA

England come right back down the field where Shaw manages to throw off his man and play in a dangerous ball across the face of goal. Italy manage to scrappily boot it away before it becomes of any more danger.

35min: ENG 1-0 ITA

Chiesa gets the ball on the right wing just past the halfway line. He beats two men and dribbles quickly through the middle, England are struggling to shut him down. He takes a left-footed strike from just outside the area that whistles past the right post! Oh so close to an equaliser for Italy!

32min: ENG 1-0 ITA

Here come the Italians now. Insigne makes a darting run towards the penalty box. England shut him down but the Italians retain possession and contiue to mount the pressure. Insigne gets it again on the left side of the box, but he overhits a pass to an overlapping Emerson and it goes out for a goal kick.

29min: ENG 1-0 ITA

Kane breaks away through the middle but Italy do well to recover and shut him down just outside the box. England play it back but lose it in midfield. Italy now trying to build some kind of rhythm now, something that they have really lacked so far in this final.

27min: ENG 1-0 ITA

Bit of a lull in play after the early drama. Neither team able to maintain possession. Jorginho has returned to the pitch.

23min: ENG 1-0 ITA

Things look like they're going from bad to worse for Italy as their midfield anchor Jorginho limps off the field to get treatment. He's not been substituted as of yet so hopefully it's nothing more than a knock.

18min: ENG 1-0 ITA

England well on top in these early stages. Italy just need to slow it down and build some rhythm. Plenty of time for them to get back into this game.

12min: ENG 1-0 ITA

Kane plays a nice ball across the park to Trippier again in acres of space on the right. His cross is poor but it goes out for a corner. Donnarumma swallows it with ease, but Italy need to do better to shut down that right flank.

10min: ENG 1-0 ITA

Trippier finds himself in space again on the right flank and swings in another dangerous ball. This time Italy manage to clear it away though. 

7min: ENG 1-0 ITA

Italy are looking to hit back and are keeping England on their toes at the back. Chiesa is brought down outside the box and Insigne has a chance to curl one in from the dead ball. But it sails over the goal.

2min: ENG 1-0 ITA

Luke Shaw celebrates scoring the opening goal of the Euro 2020 final at Wembley. Source: Associated Press

ENG GOAL!! Early nerves for England as Maguire gives away a needless corner trying to pass it back. England clear though and counter attack. Kane finds Trippier on the right wing. He plays a cross to the back post where an unmarked Shaw half-volleys it into the back of the net!!! WHAT A START!


Italy kick off and the crowd erupts! We are underway!


England fans prepare for the Euro 2020 final. Source: Associated Press

Out comes the coveted trophy, carried by none other than Portuguese striker Eder, who scored the winning goal for his side in the 2016 final against France.

Wembley is packed in a sea of white, with the odd spec of blue. No matter the result, the atmosphere is going to be absolutely electric.

England supporters watching on from Kent were geared up for the big game. Source: Ruth Marsden/Supplied

The teams come out of the tunnel to loud cheers and line up for the national anthems. Italy are first and unsurprisingly the players are belting it out full of passion and emotion. Cheillini lets out a roar at the end to signal he's more than up for this occasion.

Now come England. The stadium erupts as God Save the Queen rings out around the ground. 


It is the game all of England has been waiting for. A final. A home final. A chance at silverware for the first time in 55 years.

But it isn't going to be easy.

Italy are unbeaten in their last 33 games, including 27 victories, scoring 86 goals and conceding just 10. This is Italy's greatest unbeaten run in their 111-year history. Not even the great World Cup winning sides of 1982 and 2006 could match that feat. It's a massive change of fortunes from four years ago when they missed out on World Cup qualification for the first time in 60 years.

Italy fans ahead of the Euro 2020 final. Source: Associated Press

England meanwhile have lost just once in their last 17 games at Wembley, and are unbeaten in their last 12 games in all competitions.

No team has ever won two penalty shootouts at the same European Championship.

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1 NEWS Europe Correspondent Daniel Faitaua has this report from London. Source: Breakfast

Gareth Southgate has made one change to his starting XI from the one that played Denmark on Thursday. Kieran Trippier is coming in for Bukayo Saka, meaning they will play a 3-4-3 formation with Kyle Walker joining a three-man defence and Trippier playing further forward at right wing-back. Luke Shaw will also push forward on the opposite flank, while Phil Foden misses out through injury.

As for Italy, Roberto Mancini has named the same XI as he did for the semi-final victory over Spain. The experienced pairing of Chiellini and Bonucci will be tasked with stopping Harry Kane, while the likes of Chiesa and Insigne will be crucial in their efforts going forward. Italy lines up in a 4-3-3 formation, with a strong midfield combination of Barella, Verratti and Jorginho. Ciro Immobile leads the line.


England: Jordan Pickford, Kyle Walker, John Stones, Harry Maguire, Kieran Trippier, Kalvin Phillips, Declan Rice, Luke Shaw, Mason Mount, Raheem Sterling, Harry Kane.

Subs: Jack Grealish, Jordan Henderson, Marcus Rashford, Tyrone Mings, Conor Coady, Jadon Sancho, Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Reece James, Bukayo Saka, Jude Bellingham, Sam Johnstone, Aaron Ramsdale.

Italy: Gianluigi Donnarumma, Giovanni Di Lorenzo, Leonardo Bonucci, Giorgio Chiellini, Emerson, Nicolo Barella, Jorginho, Marco Verratti, Federico Chiesa, Ciro Immobile, Lorenzo Insigne.

Subs: Salvatore Sirigu, Manuel Locatelli, Andrea Belotti, Domenico Berardi, Matteo Pessina, Francesco Acerbi, Bryan Cristante, Federico Bernardeschi, Alessandro Bastoni, Alessandro Florenzi, Rafael Toloi, Alex Meret.