'If that's not number one on Smashed 'em Bro…' - Henry Nicholls laughs off collision with Pakistan bowler

Black Caps batsman Henry Nicholls has made light of his collision with Pakistan's Mohammad Amir during his side's 61-run victory in Wellington yesterday.

With the innings coming to an end, Amir bowled a ball that Nicholls hit deep into the leg side, immediately setting off for a run. With both batsman and bowler watching the ball instead of each other, the pair came together in a nasty clash, leaving both on the floor.

Speaking to media at Wellington Airport this morning though, Nicholls was in a joking mood about the incident.

"I was thinking we could get two (runs), and then I think at the last split second, I turned to see his shoulder," Nicholls said.

"It sort of reminded me a bit of playing rugby when I was younger - just getting smashed."

"Luckily he was alright and I was fine, it was nice that no one got injured, but if that's not number one on Smashed 'em Bro, I don't know what is."

The Black Caps batsman smacked into Mohammad Amir in yesterday's ODI in Wellington. Source: 1 NEWS