Bombs away! Watch six-hitting machine Kane Williamson launch some monster hits to slay England in Tri Series T20

The Black Caps have defeated England by 12 runs in their T20 tri-series match at Wesptac Stadium in Wellington, in a thrilling game that went right down to the wire.

10.23pm: 20 overs - ENG 184/9 - Rashid 8, Wood 5

10.18pm: 19 overs - ENG 172/9 - Willey 21, Rashid 1

OUT! Willey and Rashid try to sneak in a single but Willey has been run out. Great reactions by Tim Seifert who is on target with his throw at the stumps.

10.13pm: 18 overs - ENG 168/8 - Willey 19, Jordan 6

WICKETS! Trent Boult delivers two perfect deliveries dismissing Chris Jordan and Liam Plunkett. Two perfect yorkers that crash into the stumps by Boult.

10.05pm: 17 overs - ENG 158/6 - Malan 59, Willey 17

WICKET! An important wicket as Malan hits it straight into the hands of Trent Boult who makes a simple catch. A lovely ball from Santner.

10.01pm: 16 overs - ENG 155/5 - Malan 51, Willey 17

DROPPED! Sodhi bowls to Willey and he smashes it down to Mitch Santner who is on the boundary. It should have been a wicket but he drops it cold, looked like he might have mistimed his jump. A crucial error by Santner.

9.55pm: 14.5 overs - ENG 129/5 - Malan 48, Billings 12

WICKET! Mitchell Santner strikes and Billings is gone! Billings has top-edged it to short fine leg where Ish Sodhi makes a brilliant catch.

9.52pm: 14 overs - ENG 125/4 - Malan 47, Billings 9

FOUR! Tim Southee bowls to Billings and it is a short ball from Southee. Billings does well as he gets it away past fine leg - his first boundary of the match.

9.48pm: 13 overs - ENG 117/4 - Malan 46, Billings 2

9.42pm: 12 overs - ENG 109/4 - Malan 40, Buttler 2

WICKET! Jos Buttler tries to go big but he hits it straight into the hands of Tim Southee who makes an easy catch at long-off.

9.35pm: 10.4 overs - ENG 95/3 - Malan 28, Vince 10

OUT! Malan and Vince try to sneak in a single. But Kane Williamson is on target with his throw at the stumps and Vince has been run out.

9.32pm: 10 overs - ENG 90/2 - Malan 23, Vince 10

9.26pm: 8.3 overs - ENG 79/2 - Hales 47, Malan 22

WICKET! Ish Sodhi gets his man and Alex Hales comes up short of reaching a half ton. Hales hits it straight to deep midwicket where Colin de Grandhomme makes a comfortable catch on the boundary.

9.24pm: 8 overs - ENG 74/1 - Hales 47, Malan 16

A tidy over from Colin Munro as he only lets in three runs in his over with the ball.

9.21pm: 7 overs - ENG 71/1 - Hales 46, Malan 15

SIX! Ish Sodhi bowls to Hales and he smashes it into the stands at deep midwicket!

9.17pm: 6 overs - ENG 60/1 - Hales 40, Malan 10

A crucial part of the match as NZ introduce Ish Sodhi into the bowling attack.

9.12pm: 5 overs - ENG 51/1 - Hales 39, Malan 2

An expensive over from Trent Boult, Alex Hales scores 20 runs in that over - two sixes and two fours.

9.08pm: 4 overs - ENG 31/1 - Hales 19, Malan 2

A mixed over for Santner as England score nine runs in that over.

9.00m: 2.1 overs - ENG 14/1 - Hales 5, Malan*

WICKET! Tim Southee bowls to Roy. It is a short delivery from Southee and he hits to mid on where Trent Boult makes a simple catch.

8.55pm: 1 over - ENG 8/0 - Roy 8, Hales

It was a promising start from Trent Boult with the ball but Roy hit back-to-back fours in that over, getting his side to a good start to their run chase. 

8.45pm: A solid innings from New Zealand with the bat. Martin Guptill and Kane Williamson were superb each hitting a half century. Chris Jordan came up with the play of the match for England dismissing Colin de Grandhomme with a sublime catch on the boundary.

Mark Chapman and Tim Seifert were excellent on debut with Chapman scoring 20 and Seifert scoring 14 in the last over. A tough innings coming up for England as they need 197 runs to win the match.

8.40pm: 20 overs - NZ 196 - Taylor 1, Seifert 14

A brilliant cameo from Seifert who scored back-to-back sixes in the final over of the match. A great debut from Chapman and Seifert.

8.35pm: 19 overs - NZ 181/5 - Chapman 20, Taylor 1

WICKET! This time Billings makes no mistake making a comfortable catch on the boundary and Chapman is gone for 20.

8.32pm: 18.4 overs - NZ 179/4 - Chapman 20, Taylor

DROPPED! Wood bowls to Chapman and the NZ rookie hits it to deep midwicket but Billings drops it. Unlucky not to get that one.

Kane Williamson bats against Pakistan
Kane Williamson bats against Pakistan Source: Photosport

8.27pm: 18 overs - NZ 169/4 - Williamson 72, Chapman 12

WICKET! A great spell by Chris Jordan and he picks up the crucial wicket of Kane Williamson. It's a full outside off delivery from Jordan and Williamson walks across his crease, he attempts to work it to the leg side but he misses, the ball hits his pad and goes into the off stump.

A great knock from the NZ skipper. 

8.18pm: 17 overs - NZ 166/3 - Williamson 71, Chapman 11

SIX! David Willey bowls to Chapman and he gets in on the action for NZ. He smashes it over deep backward square.

8.14pm: 16 overs - NZ 154/3 - Williamson 66, Chapman 4

FIFTY! A sensational over from Kane Williamson who slogs his way to a half century, scoring back-to-back sixes and a four to end the over.

8.08pm: 15 overs - NZ 134/3 - Williamson 47, Chapman 3

A solid over from New Zealand as they manage to score 12 runs with the new batsman on debut at the crease Mark Chapman.

8.03pm: 14 overs - NZ 121/3 - Williamson 38, De Grandhomme 0

WICKET! Colin de Grandhomme tries to go big but he hits it straight to Jordan on the boundary. He times it perfectly, jumps and gets his right hand to it and pulls off a sensational catch. He does superbly well to stay inside the boundary.

Martin Guptill hits a 6 off a free hit.
Pakistan tour of New Zealand. T20 Series. 3rd Twenty20 international cricket match, Bay Oval, Mt Maunganui, New Zealand. Sunday 28 January 2018. © Copyright Photo: Andrew Cornaga /
Black Caps' Martin Guptill hits a six off a free hit against Pakistan. Source: Photosport

8.00pm: 13.4 overs - NZ 121/2 - Guptill 65, Williamson 38

WICKET! Adil Rashid bowls to Guptill and he hits it straight to short fine leg where Liam Plunkett makes a simple catch.

7.57pm: 12.5 overs - NZ 119/1 - Guptill 65, Williamson 37

SIX! Liam Plunkett bowls to Williamson and it's a big full toss. Williamson hits it away behind square, the first maximum of the match for Williamson.

7.51pm: 11.5 overs - NZ 108/1 - Guptill 62, Williamson 30

FOUR! Chris Jordan bowls to Guptill. It's a low full toss outside off from Jordan. Guptill shows his class opens the face of his bat late and hits it through backward point wide.

7.45pm: 10.5 overs - NZ 98/1 - Guptill 56, Williamson 27

FIFTY! Martin Guptill gives the NZ fans something to cheer about bringing up his half century. He goes big and hits back-to-back sixes!

7.42pm: 9.5 overs - NZ 82/1 - Guptill 43, Williamson 24

FOUR! David Willey bowls to Williamson and his delivery is short. Kane Williamson plays a pull shot behind square. Williamson is starting to get into his work here.

7.39pm: 8.5 overs - NZ 70/1 - Guptill 41, Williamson 14

SIX! The first maximum of the innings from Martin Guptill. Adil Rashid bowls to Guptill and he unleashes. He smacks it over deep midwicket, he goes down the back knee and his timing is perfect.

7.36pm: 8 overs - NZ 60/1 - Guptill 33, Williamson 12

7.29pm: 6 overs - NZ 50/1 - Guptill 28, Williamson 7

FOUR! Liam Plunkett bowls to Williamson and the NZ skipper gets this through the off side, it's chased hard by David Willey and he's flicked it back. Replays showed his hand was touching the rope as he tried to keep the ball from hitting the boundary.

The first boundary of the night for the Black Caps skipper.

7.25pm: 5 overs - NZ 42/1 - Guptill 26, Williamson 1

Williamson is lucky not to be out as he and Guptill sneak in a cheeky single. Mark Wood would have dismissed Williamson if his throw was on target but he misses from only a few metres out!

7.20pm: 4.4 overs - NZ 39/1 - Munro 11, Guptill 25

OUT! England get the crucial wicket of Colin Munro. Mark Wood bowls to Munro and he's hit it skyward. It's a short-of-a-length ball and Munro goes for a pull shot. He gets a big top edge which is comfortably caught by Sam Billings at long leg.

7.16pm: 3.5 overs - NZ 32/0 - Munro 10, Guptill 20

FOUR! Chris Jordan bowls to Munro and he's lucky to get away with that shot. It is a short ball around leg stump and Munro pulls and gets enough on it to clear short fine leg.

7.12pm: 3 overs - NZ 26/0 - Munro 5, Guptill 19

A solid over from Martin Guptill as he scores back-to-back fours.

7.09pm: 2 overs - NZ 17/0 - Munro 5, Guptill 11

FOUR! Mark Wood bowls to Guptill. The ball Wood is short and is a straight delivery. Martin Guptill leans back and ramps it right over the wicket keeper.

7.06pm: 1.1 overs - NZ 9/0 - Munro 5, Guptill 3

FOUR! Mark Wood bowls to Munro and the Kiwi batsman delivers a sublime shot. Colin Munro drives it straight down the ground and just has enough on it to reach the boundary.

7.04pm: 1 over - NZ 4/0 - Munro 1, Guptill 3

A slow and steady start for New Zealand. David Willey bowls to Munro and he nearly cleans him up! Munro moves down pitch and he aims to go through the leg side, he swings and misses the ball completely and the ball just skims past off stump.

7.00pm: NZ 0/0 - Munro*, Guptill*

6.51pm: Martin Guptill and Colin Munro will open the batting for New Zealand with Kane Williamson named to bat at the number three spot.

6.30pm: The England skipper Jos Butler has won the toss and has elected to bowl first.


The Black Caps will be looking to break a three match losing streak against the visitors tonight.

Kane Williamson appears to be fit enough for tonight's match despite fighting a back injury.

Tim Seifert could possibly make his debut tonight for New Zealand after his sensational form in the Super Smash for the Northern Districts.

Both New Zealand have lost to Australia in the tri-series with England dropping both T20 matches to David Warner's side.

The winner of tonight's match will face Australia at Eden Park in Auckland next Wednesday.

Black Caps (possible): 1 Martin Guptill, 2 Kane Williamson (c), 3 Colin Munro, 4 Mark Chapman, 5 Ross Taylor, 6 Colin de Grandhomme, 7 Tim Seifert, 8 Mitchell Santner, 9 Tim Southee, 10 Trent Boult, 11 Ish Sodhi.

England (possible): 1 Jason Roy, 2 Alex Hales, 3 Dawid Malan, 4 James Vince, 5 Jos Buttler (c), 6 Sam Billings, 7 David Willey, 8 Adil Rashid, 9 Liam Plunkett/Tom Curran, 10 Chris Jordan, 11 Mark Wood.

8.27pm: 18 overs - NZ 169/4 - Williamson 72, Chapman 12
8.32pm: 18.4 overs - NZ 179/4 - Chapman 20, Taylor
9.12pm: 5 overs - ENG 51/1 - Hales 39, Malan 2
9.32pm: 10 overs - ENG 90/2 - Malan 23, Vince 10
9.42pm: 12 overs - ENG 109/4 - Malan 40, Buttler 2
10.05pm: 17 overs - ENG 158/6 - Malan 59, Willey 17
10.18pm: 19 overs - ENG 172/9 - Willey 21, Rashid 1
10.18pm: 19 overs - ENG 172/9 - Willey 21, Rashid 1
10.18pm: 19 overs - ENG 172/9 - Willey 21, Rashid 1