Transport mishap 'unacceptable' says Games boss, after bus takes volleyballers to shooting range - 95kms from their match venue

Commonwealth Games boss Mark Peters says the transport bungle which led to the Grenada women's beach volleyball team being driven to the wrong venue is simply unacceptable.

Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games logo. Source: Supplied

The bus transporting Renisha Stafford and Thornia Williams to the beach volleyball venue at Coolangatta on the southern end of the Gold Coast, instead went to the shooting range in south Brisbane, more than 95km away.

The pair were rushed back to the beach volleyball and lost their match to Scotland 21-8 21-11.

Mr Peters says while it was good the delay didn't disrupt competition, the incident was regrettable.

"This is the worst thing you want as an organising committee, to have athletes being distracted in any way," he said.

"Even being on a bus for an hour longer than you should is a distraction ... it's not acceptable."

In the wake of the bungle, buses taking athletes on long or medium-distance routes or to new venues will now have an additional staff member aboard as well as the driver, Mr Peters said.

The driver involved, from north Queensland, was "gutted" by the incident and will remain on duties.

Grenada face Australia on Saturday evening and have already made plans to arrive two hours early, officials said.

Mr Peters said organisers had spoken to Grenada officials and the athletes were keen to move on.

"We spoke to them again this morning and they just want to focus on the sport now. They're playing again tonight and we look forward to supporting them."