Tiki Taane joins Salmonella Dub for Commonwealth Games Magnifika Pacifika festival show

Airport drama forced Tiki Taane to catch a last minute plane to Brisbane in attempt to make it to Gold Coast in time to join Salmonella Dub on stage. 

A relieved and stoked Tiki Taane, who made it to the Gold Coast in time for gig with Salmonella Dub. Source: 1 NEWS

Twenty-five years after Salmonella Dub's original trio, Andrew Penman, Mark Tyler and Dave Deakins, got together to create music, the band was joined by the return of fan favourite Tiki Taane for three highly anticipated anniversary shows around New Zealand, all three drew thousands of fans.

"To do anything for 25 years is awesome especially a style of music that’s not mainstream and not that popular. And still be around doing it is really awesome," said Taane who was one of their main vocalists from 1996 to 2006.

The tour was extended to the Gold Coast last night, where the band was invited to play a show as part of the Commonwealth Games Festival 2018 Magnifika Pasifika night.

"A free gig on the beach, and celebrating indigenous nations, I thought yeah this is great," Taane said after the show.

But last night's gig almost didn’t feature Taane, who after his flight to Gold Coast was cancelled, had to catch a last minute flight to Brisbane, only just arriving at Surfer's Paradise in time to head out on stage.

The stress and craziness didn’t affect Taane who was just happy to be there playing alongside Salmonella Dub.

"I've been doing this for 26 years and I still love it.

"Even though I'm really tired, and even like today when things were really stressful with planes and stuff, I lose it all on stage." 

Speaking about his years as part of Salmonella Dub, Taane said touring the world and making records gave him a lifestyle that was "unforgettable".

"So many amazing moments, the thirst of playing places like Paris, Spain and London a when I was a kid I always wanted to go to these places, it was just a dream of mine, and then all of a sudden music was my vehicle to be able to travel the world. I never take that stuff for granted."

It's moments like those and the recent 25th anniversary that make him want to team up with the band again in the future.

"We might get back together and do something again, who knows. I'd love to come and tour Australia again with Salmonella Dub."

As for right now, Taane's got five days to enjoy the Commonwealth Games where he's hoping to get along to watch some boxing, athletics and Kiwis in action.