'I'm glad that I've gone out trying to achieve my best' – Laurel Hubbard staying positive despite career ending injury

Kiwi weightlifter Laurel Hubbard has opened up about her career ending injury, following her unfortunate withdrawal from competition yesterday.

The Kiwi lifter was forced to withdraw from competition with an elbow injury yesterday. Source: 1 NEWS

Hubbard was attempting to break the record with a lift of 132kg on her third attempt despite failing to lift 127kg with her second lift.

The weight appeared too great for her, with Hubbard’s left elbow catching as the bar fell behind her at the top of the lift.

Speaking at a public event today, Hubbard spoke honestly about the end of her career.

"I saw the medical team last night and this morning," she began.

"From what I understand, my arm is busted."

"It looks like it's going to be a career ending injury, which is a shame."

Hubbard also took time to thank the fans who've supported her throughout this year's Commonwealth Games.

"I'm glad that I've gone out trying to achieve my best on the platform."

"As the slogan says - you have to earn the fern, you can't just phone it in.

"So thank you very much for your support."