The wops, chilly bin and Vegemite: Breakers' Texan star RJ Hampton gets tested on his Kiwi slang

New Breakers star RJ Hampton will be brushing up on his Kiwi slang ahead of the new Australian NBL season after failing badly in a light-hearted test of language from his new home.

Hampton sat down with US sports media outlet Bleacher Report to show how much he knows about where he's heading - the answer being not much.

Hampton failed to correctly describe how the wops, a chilly bin, bugger and other words are used in everyday conversation here before he was given a real taste of down-under with some Vegemite.

The point guard refused to swallow the spread and spat it out, saying it was the "grossest thing he's ever eaten."

The top NBA prospect stunned the basketball world last month when he announced he'd joined the Kiwi franchise instead taking up a scholarship offer from a top US college.

Hampton said at the time he doesn't want to waste any time breaking into professional basketball.