Watch: NBA star dislocates teeth after smacking face-first into court following powerful dunk-gone-wrong

Chicago Bulls star Kris Dunn survived a brutal face-first court collision against Golden State following a largely-uncontested dunk.

After coming up with a steal late in the fourth quarter, Dunn ran the floor and looked to leave a mark on the game, but instead he ended up leaving a literal mark on the court.

Dunn rose high for a slam dunk but got caught up on the rim, and fell face first onto the court below.

Dunn's impact with the floor was so severe, he left teethmarks in the court below the basket.

The 23-year-old didn't lose any teeth but his front two were dislocated and chipped in the accident. He was also diagnosed with a concussion after the match.

Golden State, who held on to beat the Bulls 119-112 on Thursday, didn't come out of the game unscathed.

Jordan Bell twisted an ankle in the opening seconds of the game and was forced to leave the court in a wheelchair.