Kiwi teen follows in her Tall Blacks father's footsteps set to play US college ball

Kiwi teenager Amiee Book is the latest young New Zealand athlete to be offered a basketball scholarship to play ball in the United States.

Book, 17, will link up with the Titans at California State Fullerton in California later in the year, following in her father's footsteps Ed, by playing college basketball in America.

Her mother Lisa is a former national league guard while her dad starred in the famous Tall Blacks team that finished fourth at the World Championships in 2002.

"He loves to talk about his old days," said Amiee.

"Oh it definitely seems long ago but it does seem nice to reminisce about the days," said Ed.

"But the biggest thing I'm looking forward to is watching Aimee going through and following her."

The former Tall Black has been able to keep a close eye on her progress, coaching Aimee throughout high school.

"My dad has been my biggest influence over the year, having someone who has already been there and done that is definitely the best resource you could have," said Amiee.

The Christchurch teen is set to head to Summer school at Fullerton in June.

Amiee Book, 17, is the daughter of former Tall Blacks player Ed Book, and has a basketball scholarship to California University. Source: 1 NEWS


US student with Down syndrome inspires Harlem Globetrotters with no-look half-court shot

An American high school student with Down syndrome pulled off a remarkable basketball trick shot which shot him to internet stardom again – this time in front of his school, reporters and a Harlem Globetrotter.

James Meiergerd, 18, sunk an incredible backward half-court shot early last month which went viral.

A video which showed him pulling off the shot during a varsity basketball game at West Point-Beemer High caught the eyes of millions around the world.

The Globetrotters saw Meiergerd's trick shot online and sent their own player Orlando Melendez to invite the teen to be an honorary member of his team, when they play at Omaha's Century Link Centre in April.

Melendez invited Meiergerd to attempt his trick shot again at his school's gymnasium in front of 800 of his school mates, with the teen nailing the feat after 10 attempts.

The crowd erupted into cheers with several students swarming him, Melendez congratulated him with a hug.



Beastly Steven Adams holds off three Washington rivals as he converts missed free-throw into two points

This time, even without John Wall, the Washington Wizards managed to slow down Russell Westbrook, holding him to 13 points and ending his Oklahoma City Thunder's eight-game winning streak.

Knowing they are heading into what could be a significant stretch without their own All-Star point guard, the Wizards got 25 points from Otto Porter Jr., frustrated Westbrook all evening and beat the Thunder 102-96.

Less than a week ago, Westbrook scored a season-high 46 points in a victory over Washington.

"He's a playmaker. We wanted to make sure he saw a crowd," said Wizards coach Scott Brooks, who used to coach Westbrook with OKC. "Not a lot of gaps, not a lot of openings."

Washington forward Markieff Morris gave his team a little less credit for Westbrook's woes on this night, saying: "He missed a lot of shots. A whole lot of shots."

That is certainly true.

Westbrook hit only 5 of 18 attempts and wound up with 10 assists, six rebounds and seven turnovers, then said he would "take ownership" for his team's loss.

Kiwi Steven Adams scored 16 points and 12 rebounds, his 18th double-double of the season.