'I didn't die or anything' - Steven Adams on life after OKC

Steven Adams says he will miss his former teammates at Oklahoma City Thunder but is keen to embrace his new home. 

The New Zealander was traded from the OKC to the New Orleans Pelicans after a seven-year stint at the team.

He says there's no hard feelings towards the Thunder.

"It's all part of the business, getting traded and all that," he said.

"The difficult part is the relationships you build within it and then you have to move on, you know, it's not like I died or anything, I will see them again."

Adams revealed that his brother played a role in influencing his move to the franchise and teaming up with head coach Stan van Gundy.

"My brother Moses, he's just loves him so much, so I can say that probably had something to do with it, subliminal messaging I guess."

The 27-year-old revealed the coach took a big interest in getting to him on his arrival to see how he would adjust to the locker room.

"He wants to make sure you're a good dude, you're representing them, it's not a playground sort of thing, it means a lot to people and shouldn't be taken too lightly."

Adams explained how he's proud to be given the responsibility of representing his new city of New Orleans.

"As a player you obviously just play basketball, but then again you also have to think bigger than that, you're representing a city and also the city's history as well.

"You have to really look at that and understand how you need to hold yourself.

"I do the best I can to try and represent them, not just that I know I'm representing New Zealand as well."

In terms of how he'll approach the new season and his new teammates, Adams was clear that he'll do whatever is asked of him.

"My approach has been, feel the coach, understand what we need done as a team and what I can contribute and then focus on those things."

"Obviously I'm going to share whatever experience or knowledge that I have, but it won't just be me there's many other players I mean as a team. I don't have all the answers, I would never claim to have all the answers."

"It's a cooperative thing, we're in a competitive environment but as a team we need to be very cooperative."