Breakers training with little hope of games after Covid delays NBL season, cancels US tour

The Breakers regime has seen players pounding the boards with little hope of games, day after day, after day.

Covid put paid to the pre-season tour to America, it also canned the usual October start to the Australian NBL season.

“Two weeks ago we were supposed to be in Brooklyn playing the Nets, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, then Philadelphia, Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, but we're here training for six, seven months.”

But there is light, a celebrity run around in a few weeks, exposure for sponsors, content for broadcasters.

Then a nationwide tour, playing a Kiwi NBL All Stars outfit in December.

“Our guys who are in country, will play against a New Zealand All Star team, a game here in Auckland, New Plymouth, Christchurch, Invercargill, almost like the regional games we usually do.”

The season is now slated to start January 15th with the Breakers on the road for the first 10 weeks.

“The goal is to play the first 14 games of ours in two and a half months, then by April 1, maybe we come back and play a whole bunch of home games.”

“So mid-January the team will be in Aus for two and a half months, that's what it looks like.”

After a surreal period last season, plenty of ups and downs, the club has survived, sponsors have remained, the Breakers haven't cut staff but the players are still on half wages.

“Yes, we've had to invest because we believe long term that's what’s best for the Breakers.”

The Philadelphia native is definitely here to stay, he says Covid has only confirmed he made the right call to relocate his young family here.

Residency isn't too far away.