Cook Islands bid for UN seat 'not a touchy subject' at 50-year celebrations

The Cook Islands are celebrating 50-years of self governance this week.


Cook Islands UN dreams off limits for John Key visit

The New Zealand prime minister visited the island nation to celebrate 50 years of self-governance but no-one was talking about the United Nations.


House prices rising at fastest rate in eight years

Political Editor Corin Dann takes a look at what the escalating house prices mean for Kiwis.


Tiwai Point smelter staying open to the relief of Southland

Meridian Energy has kept its contract with the aluminium smelter, keeping 800 people employed in the process.


Obama's big climate change memo to America: This isn't opinion, it's fact

The United States President will release the final version of America's Clean Power Plan tomorrow.


Barack Obama speaks to Americans on climate change

The President provided the voice over for a video released by The White House explaining ‘America’s Clean Power Plan’


'There's nothing racist about it' - Peters backs Polynesian Corrrections Minister

NZ First's leader thinks Sam Lotu-Iiga's Polynesian heritage makes him suited to oversee prisons.

Hone Harawira asks President Obama to scrap TPPA and 'come to NZ for a feed and beers'

"We’re Maori ... and we want you to know that we hate the bloody thing."


Colin Craig: My wife said she didn't want any sext messages from me

'We had discussions, my wife and I,' says former leader of the Conservatives.


Colin Craig 'very very confident' he'll emerge victorious in legal fight with Cameron Slater

'This is not a kneejerk reaction' says former Conservative Party leader

'Colin Craig in for a very rough ride' - blogger Cameron Slater

"The truth is quite the defence, and now he’s forcing me to pull his life apart bit by bit inside a court room."


Winston Peters backs call for change in anthem, something to sing when happy

NZ First will sing God Defend NZ this weekend at their general meeting.


Cost of medicine set to rise with TPP, but will not cost patients - Key

The cost of medicine will increase under a new trade deal, but patients will not bear any extra cost, says the Government.

NZ's human trafficking protections 'weak' - US government report

The report states that New Zealand is a destination for foreigners who are subjected to sex trafficking and forced labour.

Drug-snorting British Lord requests leave of absence after naked photos emerge

John Sewel had been tasked with maintaining standards in the House of Lords.


Mike’s view: If the public service ran Mt Eden it’d be called systematic failure

The accountability on the private side of the equation is transparent and presumably effective.


Mike's view: If the public service ran Mt Eden it'd be called systematic failure

The accountability on the private side of the equation is transparent and presumably effective.


Key says Labour's demand for foreign buyers ban 'schizophrenic'

Labour wants to maintain the right to restrict property sales to foreigners under the Pacific-wide trade deal.


John Key: Labour Party ‘slightly schizophrenic position’ on TPP

The Prime Minister took the opposition party to task over their previous stance on foreign investment.


Privatising social services 'much harder' after Serco scandal

ONE News political editor Corin Dann believes the Serco crisis will make the task of introducing social bonds much harder for the Government.


Nats rally around Corrections Minister over Serco scandal

Bill English has publicly backed Sam Llotu-Iiga and his handling of the crisis at Mt Eden prison.


Government facing fallout over prison scandal

Katie Bradford reports on how the government has responded to the Serco prison incident saga.


Who exactly are Serco, and what do they do in NZ?

Their website says it “helps governments across the world deliver better services for less”.


Corrections relieves Serco of duty at Mt Eden prison

A series of serious allegations against the prison has led to the government stepping in.


Political Editor Corin Dann weighs in on the political ramifications of SERCO

He also will take a look at this weekend’s National conference.


The coolest little capital celebrates landmark day

Daniel Faitaua gets a Wellington history lesson as the windy city celebrates 150 years as our capital city.


Serco bosses grilled at Parliament

The company which runs Mt Eden Prison have fronted up at Parliament today to face the corrections minister.


Loans cheapen as OCR rate drops

Further cuts are likely from the Reserve Bank – so is it time for mortgage holders to float their loans?


Mother of prison attack victim speaks out

Lorraine Littleton recalls her son’s account of an alleged attack by four gang members in Mount Eden Prison.

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