The National MP brought the Transport Minister's indiscretion to the attention of the House after someone told her about his call.

Collins says PM made 'a bit of a weak decision' not to accept Twyford's resignation over plane phone call

National's Judith Collins says someone told her about the phone call and she decided to check out whether it was right with a question in Parliament.

The President took to Twitter to saw they would try make it a "special moment" for world peace.

North Korea slams Pence remark, renews threat to quit historic summit with Trump

The US Vice President said it would be a "mistake" for the North Koreans to think they can "play" Trump.

Gerry Brownlee was being admonished by Trevor Mallard when Ms Bennett interjected and was asked to leave.

Watch as National deputy Paula Bennett ordered out of Parliament by Speaker, a day after storming out of House

It comes a day Ms Bennett walked out of the Chamber over a disagreement with the Speaker over supplementary questions.

The Housing Minister is  unhappy Treasury downgraded its forecast over how much extra housing investment Kiwibuild will deliver to the economy.

John Armstrong's opinion: Labour's record so far on affordable housing builds is pathetic

Promises easy in Opposition, but hard to deliver in government, says our columnist.


Live stream: Jacinda Ardern fronts media in Auckland to answer questions on the important issues of the day

The PM is speaking at Green Bay High where she launched a careers initiative today.

Ms Ardern was asked how the public would be informed of the arrival.

Video: The charming moment Jacinda Adern is caught off-guard with reporter’s question about baby’s arrival

"Actually I haven't even thought about how I'm going to inform my mother," the PM said.

Labour Party's Chris Hipkins with Jacinda Ardern, left, and Michael Wood, right.

'Eventually decile system will go' - Education Minister

The system will stay in place while the government considers a new way of allocating money and staffing to schools.

Donald Trump and long-time lawyer Michael Cohen

Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen received secret $600,000 to fix talks with Ukraine's leader

Ukraine dropped a corruption investigation into Trump's former campaign manager.

The US President was speaking as he met with South Korean President Moon Jae-in at the White House.

US Secretary of State 'very hopeful' North Korea talks will still take place

A June 12 meeting is scheduled in Singapore between Kim and President Trump, but doubt has arisen.

National has sent a letter to Trevor Mallard outlining their concerns over his handling of Question Time in Parliament.

Allegations Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called 'stupid little girl' leads to extraordinary stoush in corridors of power

The suspects have all denied it. The trail of clues has gone cold. The opposition says there's no evidence it even happened.

Health leaders say the rates of smoking among Maori and Pacifica remain too high, with one calling for a total ban.

Experts tell Government to ban cigarette sales by 2025 as smoke free goal 'a train wreck for Maori and Pasifika'

A Maori health leader and anti-smoking campaigner warned politicians more needs to be done, and soon, to save lives.

National's Maggie Barry was asking a question about veterans with mental health issues, but Mr Mark’s comment was thought to be said to Amy Adams.

Watch: 'Settle petal' - Ron Mark scolded for 'sexist remark' in Parliament

The comment by the NZ First minister was apparently directed at National MP Amy Adams.

National has sent a letter to Trevor Mallard outlining their concerns over his handling of Question Time in Parliament.

Video: Gerry Brownlee has 'serious concerns' over Speaker's handling of alleged sexist comment made about Jacinda Ardern by National MP in the House

National has sent a letter to Trevor Mallard accusing him of lacking neutrality towards the Government during Question Time in Parliament.

Trevor Mallard asked "for how long?", then moved onto the next question during Question Time.

Most watched video: 'Nah, I'm leaving' – exasperated Paula Bennett ditches Parliament after spat with Speaker Mallard

The National Party deputy got fed-up with the Speaker and decided to leave the House rather than continue to debate.

Thousands of teachers set to meet before negotiations with government

More than 16,000 secondary teachers will discuss their collective agreements.

The US President was speaking as he met with South Korean President Moon Jae-in at the White House.

President Trump suggests historic summit with North Korea's Kim Jong Un could be delayed

"There's a very substantial chance that it won't work out" for June 12.

Nikki Kaye questions Education Minister over school donation election promise

Chris Hipkins used a Rachel Hunter quote to explain why the changes weren't made.

Mr Peters has tried to explain the benefits of nearly $700m budget spending in aid, and 50 new diplomats funded in Budget 2018.

Winston Peters to visit China to discuss trade, security and North Korea

The Foreign Minister said NZ's relationship with China is significant.

There are now 40 infected properties, and the government says the number will increase.

Number of farms under Mycoplasma bovis regulatory control jumps by 29 in two weeks

There are 38 properties which are confirmed as being infected.

The Justice Minister said community safety was the priority, but changes to reduce the prison population could be on the horizon.

Andrew Little signals overhaul of criminal justice system in face of rising prison populations

The Justice Minister said community safety was the priority and implementation would start next year.

'Strongest sanctions in history' - US issues steep list of demands for nuclear treaty with Iran

The demands are to replace the deal set up by President Obama, which has been scuttled by President Trump.

The mega prison is off the table, but as the prison population rises despite a relatively static crime rate, the issue will need to be dealt with.

Rising prison population a 'complete failure', as next step to be decided for Waikeria Prison - PM

"It is not our view or our plan to have a mega prison on the horizon," Jacinda Ardern said.

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