Andrea Vance: Key's Iraq trip - pre-cooked photo op or genuine support for troops?

These days, we only call it propaganda when despotic North Korean leaders visit their troops.


Dangerous and drama-filled trip gives insight into life of Kiwi troops in Iraq

ONE News Political Editor Corin Dann was with John Key as he personally saw the conditions New Zealand troops are living in at Camp Taji.


'We just rolled over and had our tummy tickled' - Labour angst at TPP land deal

The Labour Party is threatening to overwrite parts of the deal.


'TPP like a payrise, you ask for $100 and get $50'

In Mike’s opinion the signing of the TPP is a win for NZ.


Can't get your head around the TPP? Tim Wilson's dummies guide is for you

Wine, beef, milk and medicine. Tim Wilson explains how these necessities will be hit by the TPP - and what that means for you.


TPP signed, sealed but will it deliver for NZ?

Political Reporter Katie Bradford takes a look at what the deal involves and will give New Zealand.


'Not prone to modesty' - Annette King's subtle sledge at Trade Minister Tim Groser

Labour's acting leader was discussing the TPP agreement, which Tim Groser was negotiating.


'Councils are overbearing, invasive, and don't understand their own rules'

Peter and Sylvia Aichison were upset when a fort interrupted their spectacular view over Wellington.


Damning report into Phillip Smith escape discovers several Government flaws

The inquiry into Smith's escape to Brazil has found several shortcomings by the Department of Corrections, Police, and Customs.


McCully and Bishop discuss Kiwi deportation death

Foreign Minister Murray McCully has met Australia's Foreign Minister Julie Bishop to discuss the deportation of Kiwis living across the Tasman.


'Stop policing the womb!' - readers hit back at Tolley's remarks that some women 'probably enjoy sex' too much

Tolley is standing by her controversial comments about state care and parenthood.


Immigration Ministers to meet over Kiwis in Aussie detention centres

Increasing numbers of New Zealanders are being held in prison before being sent back here.


'Kiwis will come around … it’s a deal worth doing' - Key indicates potential TPPA signing

John Key has met with the Japanese PM, and will meet with Barack Obama tomorrow.


Anne Tolley repeats call for struggling families to limit pregnancies

"I think we need to be getting in there with better contraception and family planning advice," the minister says.

Obama and Putin set to meet for first time in nearly a year

US-Russian relations deteriorated significantly after Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine in March 2014.


Gerry Brownlee quips about his size in flak jacket tussle with Peters

"Anybody taking a bit of a glance would know that off-the-shelf is not something I regularly purchase."


'Moving the goal posts stinks' - Peters slams John Key as Red Peak flag gets green light

The New Zealand First leader accuses the prime minister of reneging on an assurance Red Peak wouldn't be included in November's first flag referendum.

Malcolm Turnbull reveals plan to rid Australia of its 'national disgrace' of domestic violence

Australia's new Prime Minister has unveiled a package of measures to tackle domestic violence.


Labour a 'little grumpy' with Greens over Red Peak flag bill

James Shaw told Breakfast the Greens' bill was in response to the "significant" public support for Red Peak.


NZ First likens Red Peak flag to Nazi war symbols

Parliament has been in urgency to get Red Peak into the November referendum.


'Thank goodness we can satisfy the very vocal Red Peak community'

A Bill adding it as a fifth option passed its first reading in Parliament tonight.


'Kiribati is not going underwater anytime soon'

'Coming to NZ is a privilege, you come if you have something to contribute or if you’re very, very desperate.'


Builders could sign off on own work, says Housing Minister

Government rules reduction taskforce is seeking to make life easier for New Zealanders.


Government promises to look at legislation governing charities

The call comes after concerns were raised by a Far North trust who feel they’ll lose their charitable status.


Kiribati man to be deported despite last minute appeal

Ioane Teitota's bid to be a climate change refugee has failed but the PM says in future NZ may have to take refugees from the Pacific.

Corin Dann: Bumps ahead for the Nats

While National may have successfully negotiated year one of this term, the next looks far more challenging. Our Political Editor Corin Dann explains why.

Turnbull in no hurry to revisit Australian republic issue

Australia's new PM led an unsuccessful 1999 referendum to replace the Queen with a president as the country's head of state.


Donald Trump tangles with Republican opponents in second debate

Trump started off with a bang, but was quickly attacked by his fellow candidates.

Wellington councillor accused of scaremongering over #keepkate campaign

Opponents say a petition to keep Wellington's quirky Kate Sheppard crossing lights was a publicity stunt.


PM declines Andrew Little's invite for a cuppa to discuss Red Peak

John Key is standing his ground and said if Red Peak is not added it'd be the "sole fault" of Andrew Little.

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