'Who are you praying to?' - Decision to remove Jesus from parliamentary prayer proves divisive

The New Zealand parliamentary prayer is being changed to no longer include a reference to Jesus, and unsurprisingly, the move has divided public opinion.

The change to the Parliamentary prayer will take effect from this Tuesday after a consultation process by the Labour-led Government on whether to remove reference to Jesus, and the Queen, from the prayer.

The Queen is staying, but not Jesus. 

Speaker Trevor Mallard "fast-tracked" the consultation process to remove Jesus by just not including him in the parliamentary prayer this week.

Immediate feedback to TVNZ1's Breakfast on social media on the change, raised some interesting observations and questions.

"No we need God on our side in all things, especially politics," said David.

"If you aren't praying to Jesus, who are you expecting to answer your prayers?" asks Julie.

"If you do remove Jesus, what's the point of prayer?" asks Mary.

1 NEWS Breakfast host Hillary Barry, who described the prayer change as "PC gone made" said that unfortunately they didn't have time to read the comments that support the removal of Jesus.

The Breakfast team battle it out on the merits of changing the prayer. Source: Breakfast