Are you okay with someone calling you Pākehā?

The word Pākehā can be a divisive one, with many strongly opposing the term while others embrace it.

In a recent poll, nearly half of those polled thought Pākehā was a racist term.

In the last census, ‘New Zealand European’ not ‘Pākehā’ was the only option to tick for some Kiwis.

But why is there such confusion around the word and its meaning? And why are people so upset about the word while others say its harmless?

Marae reporter Hikurangi Jackson visited the affluent Auckland suburb of Remuera to get a read on how residents think about the word Pākehā and why.

Watch the full video above.

Marae’s Hikurangi Jackson asked Aucklanders how they feel about the term Pākehā. Source: Marae

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