'World's most Instagrammable' art show opens up in Auckland

Auckland's Spark Arena has been flipped into a dynamic funhouse as what's been called the “world’s most Instagrammable” art show moves into town. 

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The Happy Place’s unique installations have flooded newsfeeds across the globe, now it’s Auckland’s turn. Source: Breakfast

The Happy Place pop-up experience began in 2017, taking over the newsfeeds of some of LA’s most popular influencers and celebrities. 

Now it’s Auckland’s turn with the show bringing their vibrant installations - ideal if you’re wanting to snap the perfect pic. 

“It’s just a really fun place to come along, experience some cool activities, grab some great selfies and enjoy a happier side of life really,” event spokesperson Chris told Breakfast.

Each room has a different sensory display, creating a unique and immersive experience. 

From the world’s largest indoor confetti dome and a giant rainbow to a room that smells of freshly baked cookies; the exhibition aims to celebrate “being happy”

Happy Place runs from April 24 until May 23.