Winston Peters suggests youth should 'get off their big half-acre' on buses for seniors

Winston Peters has offered some eloquent advice to Kiwi youth this morning to "get off their big half-acre" for seniors on Wellington buses, despite it no longer being enforced from mid-July this year.

The soon-to-be acting Prime Minister was asked about rule changes to Wellington buses, that will mean seniors are no longer entitled to a seat over younger people.

He gave some blunt advice to the younger generation.

"Well I suppose if you paid for the ticket, you're entitled to the seat," Mr Peters said.

"But there's something missing in our society of late, over the last few decades, and that is a thing called manners and courtesy and plain out decency.

"If an older person gets on that bus that obviously looks like they need a seat, then the young person will do themselves a great deal of fiscal advantage if they got off their big half-acre and gave it to the older person."

The response garnered laughter and cheers from the TVNZ Breakfast crew.

"He's a gentleman, he would always give up his seat," Pippa Wetzell said.

The soon-to-be acting PM gave his opinion on youth no longer being forced to vacate seats on Wellington buses. Source: Breakfast