Winston Peters jokes about loyalty of National MPs over walkout - 'went out in drips and drabs'

Winston Peters has joked about the loyalty of National's MPs, as some walked out in protest at Simon Bridges and Gerry Brownlee being kicked out of Parliament today.

When asked about the incident Mr Peters joked about the loyalty shown by National MPs towards their leader.

"They went out in drips and drabs, it looked like the first loyal group of about six went out and then about 12 others decided they might be loyal and then the rest decided they better show some loyalty as well," Mr Peters said, smiling.

The expulsion came after Mr Bridges asked Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern if she was "ducking and diving" over the Karel Sroubek fiasco.

"Has she entirely washed her hands of anything to do with the Sroubek fiasco, and is she ducking and diving to get out of its way?

"Oh, here comes the protection," he said when Speaker Trevor Mallard stood up.

"No," said Mr Mallard, and asked Mr Bridges to leave.

"Struck a raw nerve," Mr Brownlee said.

Mr Brownlee was then asked to also leave.

A number of National MPs followed their senior colleagues, with Nikki Kaye, Matt Dosey, Nathan Guy, Michael Woodhouse and David Carter the only ones remaining to ask questions in the House.

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    Some are labelling the move a stunt to try and distract from things National doesn’t want to talk about. Source: 1 NEWS

    Later in the day National’s deputy leader Paula Bennett wasn't holding back in the House when she launched into a passionate speech, venting her party's frustrations about trying to hold the Government to account during Question Time.

    "Well Mr Speaker, one might call this an extraordinary day or they may not, because it's just another day where we have had no answers from the Prime Minister whatsoever on serious issues that this Opposition is putting to the Government," Ms Bennett said emphatically.

    "We do demand answers and we feel like we stand in this house day after day asking straight and direct questions and not getting them [answers] from the Government."

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      Simon Bridges said the Speaker was protecting the PM during Question Time today. Source: 1 NEWS

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