'We've never had to push her' - Auckland teen gets world's top Year 12 Music score

An Auckland teenager who got the highest score in the world for her Year 12 Music assessment will be among 115 New Zealand students receiving awards tonight for excellent results in Cambridge International Exams, an alternative to NCEA.

Not only is 17-year-old Danielle Tweedale top of her class and top of her school, Macleans College, but she's top of the world in music, TVNZ1's Seven Sharp reported.

Her top score in music in the Cambridge International Exams is still sinking in for Danielle, who plays the piano and sings. 

"I can't quite comprehend it really. I was trying to think about it and it hasn't hit me still," she said.

Her parents were stunned by her result.

Mum Bronwyn said she couldn't believe it and it took a while to sink in.

Dad Clint said: "It's amazing. I said to Danielle, 'I've seen the best in the world on TV, now I know one I can hug'." 

They say their daughter has always been driven. She gets herself up at 5am each day.

"We've never had to push her, she's self motivated, planned.  I've learned a lot from her actually," Bronwyn said.

Danielle's parents said they don't have to manage her bedtime or put limits on her screen time.

As for her diet, Bronwyn said, "Danielle has actually become a vegetarian."  

Danielle is not only top in music, but also brilliant in science, achieving a 93 per cent in biology. 

"I'd love to go into conservation, ecology, botany," she said.

But by her own admission, the young high-achiever is not perfect, declaring, "I'm really bad at table tennis."

Mum and Dad are really proud of her, and so is step-mum Gill. After all, it takes a village to raise a genius.

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    Danielle Tweedale, 17, says she "can’t quite comprehend it". Source: Seven Sharp