Wellington Zoo 'incredibly excited' at the arrival of their newest addition, Sunny the giraffe

Wellington Zoo is getting a new speckled friend.

A young male giraffe is en route from Australia to join Wellington Zoo's two female giraffes this weekend.

Sunny sailed on a large cargo ship to Auckland and is currently being transported by road to Wellington, with his arrival planned for this morning.

Herbivore team leader, Bobby Stoop said, "We are incredibly excited to be welcoming another giraffe into our herd at Wellington Zoo. Giraffes are very social animals."

Sunny will be joining Wellington Zoo's aunty and niece duo - Zahara and Zuri.

To ensure the journey is smooth, Mr Stoop and veterinarian Dr Emily Kay are travelling with the new arrival.

"Sunny’s welfare is the utmost priority to us, so I am travelling with Sunny, alongside Emily, one of our Vets and one of Sunny’s Keepers who has worked with him since he was young," Mr Stoop said.

"We are making sure Sunny is fed and comfortable for the whole journey and we are looking forward to welcoming him to our giraffe herd at Wellington Zoo."

Animal science manager Simon Eyre said animal moves and transfers between progressive zoos are carefully managed and planned.

"Sunny needs to be moved before he is fully grown, otherwise he’d simply be too big to transport," Mr Eyre said.

It will be a few days until Wellington Zoo visitors can catch a glimpse of the new arrival, as Sunny will be in the Giraffe House for a mandatory quarantine period, before being introduced to Zahara and Zuri.

Sunny the giraffe. Source: Supplied