Wellington grandmother sets world record in powerlifting

A Wellington grandmother has credited her family for her success after being awarded a sporting first in powerlifting.

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Ime Telea says her family were a major factor in her success. Source: Tagata Pasifika

Ime Telea, 48, set a world record in July for the 45-49 Women's masters 190kg deadlift at the North Island Powerlifting Championships.

Telea took up powerlifting two years ago and says her family drives her to do her best.

"My family are really proud which gives me that drive and motivation," she says.

Training in her home gym over lockdown, she says she trained consistently with her coach over Zoom, under the watchful eye of her husband.

"I just maintained my programme, trained consistently, luckily we had the right equipment as well to enable me to do that," she says.

She is now training for a world masters competition happening in Cambridge next year.

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