Wedding in Bluff source of 55 confirmed coronavirus cases

A newlywed couple from Invercargill are facing a rough start to married life, after 55 guests from their 70-person wedding have contracted the coronavirus.

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The bride and groom are among those sick after the 70-person wedding. Source: 1 NEWS

Both the bride and groom are among those infected with Covid-19 after their wedding near Bluff.

They told 1 NEWS they're not seriously ill and they're keeping in touch with the other guests, who also aren't seriously ill.

But they're not sure what the source of the infection is, as their guests were only fellow Kiwis; overseas guests didn't attend because of the 14-day self-isolation period they would need to undertake at the time.

The wedding was at Oyster Cove restaurant, in an area famed for its stunning views and overlooking the moody Foveaux Strait.

"Our thoughts are with them and it's not a nice thing to happen to anyone," restaurateur Ross Jackson told 1 NEWS.

"It's been strange times, traumatic times, and your heart goes out to people who have ended up with this virus."

Two weeks ago, such gatherings were still allowed as long as there were less than 100 people.

It was the last event on Mr Jackson's books before shutting up and he made sure to follow health guidelines.

Including staff, there were around 80 people at the function.

"We instituted some serious sanitising, we were asking people to sanitise their hands on the way in," Mr Jackson says.

"Staff were sanitising surfaces on a regular basis and they were keeping their distance as much as they could, so we were very aware of the virus."

None of the guests were from Bluff and the eight local venue staff present have tested negative.

But the news has still shaken the small seaside town of nearly 2000 people.

Raymond Fife, a member of the Bluff Community Board, says people were frightened and worried.

"The rumours started flying around town and there were a lot of phone calls from concerned people in the community."

Mr Fife says it should be a stark reminder to all.

"We’re a small town and it just shows that the virus has got no boundaries. I think the big thing is to be disciplined and heed the Ministry of Health advice, and be determined to make sure you stay in your bubble."