Watch: 'You've got a listening problem' - Winston Peters and Simon Bridges clash over Three Strikes law repeal

Winston Peters and Simon Bridges have clashed in parliament today over Labour's backdown on the proposed repeal of the Three Strikes law, after failing to get support from coalition partner New Zealand First.

Mr Peters today answered questions for Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern over the Government's failed attempt to scrap the law, after his own party pulled the plug on the proposed repeal. 

Prime Minister Ardern, who will be staying in Auckland ahead of her baby's due date, was asked in question time today by National Party leader Mr Bridges about the proposed repeal and if Justice Minister Andrew Little followed adequate consultation processes around the proposal.

Earlier today, NZ First released a statement that said the law "provides a firm framework to deter recidivism, and sends a clear message to our most serious offenders". 

However this morning, Mr Little called the law on Radio New Zealand a "high watermark of policy stupidity", but said New Zealand First "got to the point where they said they could not support it at this time". 

Jacinda Ardern has assured on wider issues of criminal justice reform Labour and NZ First are on the same page. Source: Breakfast

As deputy Prime Minister, NZ First leader Winston Peters answered the question for Ms Ardern. 

Mr Bridges asked if the Three Strikes repeal was still ultimately on the table.

"This is a matter that's off the table, for now," Mr Peters said on behalf of Ms Ardern. "This is a government for the long term."

Mr Bridges asked Mr Peters if the PM agreed that the Three Strikes law is the "high watermark of policy stupidity?", quoting Mr Little's RNZ interview.

Plans by the Government to scrap the controversial three strikes law have been axed as Labour can't get support from one of its coalition partners. Source: 1 NEWS

"Every member of this parliament is entitled to their view, it's the hall mark of a democracy," Mr Peters said. 

Mr Bridges asked if Mr Little "followed good consultation processes", or did NZ First Ministers "simply change their minds on the repeal of Three Strikes."

The National Party leader said there will be good and bad days with the NZ First leader in the country’s top job this June.
Source: 1 NEWS

"Minister Little is a reforming Minister, probably the most reformist Minister we've had in decades," Mr Peters answered. "And because he has been putting all these ideas out into the public, there's no reason for him to shrink from any of his statements at all. It looks like, and it is, an open government."

At one point Mr Peters suggested Mr Bridges had "a listening problem", prompting chuckles from his side of the house. 

Kiwi chocolatier Whittaker's takes leap into ice cream bars

Kiwi chocolate company Whittaker's is expanding from the lollies aisle, with an eye on dominating the freezer sections of supermarkets and dairies as well.

Starting Monday, Tip Top will offer three new flavours of ice cream bars featuring the brand: chocolate and pretzel, coffee and cacao and vanilla and cashew praline.

"It's the moment you've been waiting for...two iconic Kiwi brands coming together to combine the best of both worlds," Tip Top announced on its Facebook page this morning.

Unlike previous collaborations, the flavours are a permanent addition to the Tip Top range, a Whittaker's official told the New Zealand Herald.

"We've always had a dream to be able to create a delicious ice cream with somebody," said Whittaker's marketing manager Jasmine Currie.

Auckland fans of the brands will have an opportunity to get an early taste of the ice creams on Saturday, with a pop-up store opening at midday in Newmarket.

kiwi companies Whittaker's and Tip Top have collaborated for three new ice cream bars. Source: Tip Top


'Some links to the Mongrel Mob' – seven charged after BOP police sting sees guns, Hilux vehicles, $21k cash, drugs seized

Police have arrested and charged seven people after executing a number of search warrants in the eastern Bay of Plenty as part of Operation Notus II.

Speaking to media today Senior Sergeant Richard Miller said the operation had "some links to the Mongrel Mob".

Operation Notus II is the second phase of a long-running investigation, led by the National Organised Crime Group, into organised crime and the supply and supplying of methamphetamine and cannabis in the eastern Bay of Plenty region.

Acting Eastern Bay of Plenty Area Commander, Senior Sergeant Richard Miller briefed media today. Source: 1 NEWS

Search warrants were conducted this morning in properties in Kawerau, Whakatāne and Te Teko.

The seven are facing a number of charges, including possession for supply, and supplying, methamphetamine and cannabis, as well as firearms-related offending.

They will appear in Whakatāne District Court this afternoon.

Along with methamphetamine and cannabis, 26 firearms and more than $21,000 in cash has been seized.

Three stolen Toyota Hilux utes were recovered from one address in Kawerau, along with a number of power tools.

A stolen Toyota Hilux Surf and trailer were recovered from another address.

Operation Notus, launched in October 2017, revealed the Kawerau Mongrel Mob's involvement in the commercial distribution of meth and cannabis to the community.

As a result of the investigation, 48 people were arrested and almost $3 million in assets were frozen in March 2018.

Acting Eastern Bay of Plenty Area Commander, Senior Sergeant Richard Miller, said, "This was a major disruption to organised crime and methamphetamine supply in EBOP".

Guns seized during Operation Notus II in the Eastern Bay of Plenty
Guns seized during Operation Notus II in the Eastern Bay of Plenty Source: NZ Police



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Watch: 'Make it lit fam' - Andrew Little releases video appealing for 2019 New Plymouth youth MP

MP Andrew Little has released a video appealing for a 2019 New Plymouth youth MP.

In the video, Mr Little can be seen making digs at his political rivals - David Seymour, Gareth Morgan, Bill English and John Key - while attempting to appeal to the modern teenager.

"I'm Andrew Little. You may know me for such things as my cat (soz Gareth), beard polls, party hats and Dancing With The Stars. Just kidding. That's Not Safe for Twerk," the Justice Minister says.

"But if you're going to have a backing track, make sure it's pretty legal. So make it lit fam."

The MP can be seen making digs at his political rivals as he tries to appeal to the modern teenager. Source: Breakfast