Watch: 'Totally successful transplant' - ex-MP Georgina Beyer's kidney donor talks about gift of 'hope' to his friend




The man who donated his kidney to Georgina Beyer, the former Labour MP and the world's first transgender MP, says so far the transplant has been "totally succesful".

Grant Pittams talks about his experience donating one of his kidney's to his friend Ms Beyer in a video posted to the Ministry of Health's YouTube page last week.

"What happened was I saw a friend that was desperately in need of a kidney transplant, so what I did was provide some hope," Mr Pittams said.

The transplant took place in April this year and five-months later Ms Beyer met up with her donor to express her gratitude and talk about the moment she found out he would be donating his kidney to her.

"I can't put it into words really, it was just this wave of emotion that came over me," Ms Beyer said.

The video caption on the Ministry of Health's YouTube page explains: "People who donate a kidney or part of their liver are now entitled to compensation for loss of earnings for up to 12 weeks while they recover from surgery following donation surgery."

The full video of Mr Pittams and Ms Beyer's incredible journey can be viewed at the following link: A gift of hope - Georgina Beyer & Grant Pittams

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