Watch: Peruvian football reporter hassled by moronic Kiwi fans in Cuba Street kebab shop

A Peruvian journalist in Wellington to cover the football match between the All Whites and Peru was accosted by "immature" All Whites fans while trying to do a live cross yesterday.

Omar Ruiz de Somocurcio was conducting a cross for the Buenos Dias Peru show from the Istanbul eatery on Cuba Street when two All Whites fans came up behind him and tried to interrupt and get in the shot.

The time stamp on the footage indicates it was about 8am Peru time, which equates to about 2am New Zealand Time.

"What we are seeing are images of what happens when immature New Zealanders come to try to complicate the work," Mr de Somocur says in Spanish as the two men jostle him.

Shouts are heard and the reporter and his camera operator are forced to retreat outside on to Cuba Street, where an altercation takes place.

Fans turned up in the hundreds to catch a glimpse of their Peru football team outside their hotel in Wellington. Source: 1 NEWS

Diario Carrio reported that a television camera was damaged during the incident.

Mr De Somocur apologised for the interruption on his Twitter account, saying "I deeply regret what happened today during our live broadcast from NZ".

"I deeply appreciate the signs of support and solidarity for me and my cameraman Arturo Aliaga."

Others responded by praising his professionalism while being harassed.

New Zealand Police said they did not receive any calls about the incident, but "encourage anyone who is the victim of any crime to come forward as soon as possible and report their concerns to Police".

The All Whites host Peru tomorrow afternoon at Westpac Stadium in their World Cup qualifier. Source: 1 NEWS

Buenos Dias Peru has been running since 1981.