Watch: 'Meetings have gone successfully' – Shane Jones updates media on NZ First board meeting, before heading off for 'kai'

List MP Shane Jones has emerged from talks with the New Zealand First board touting the 'good spirit' among the members, but not offering any clues as to when an announcement on a new government will be made.

The NZ First caucus has been meeting with the board since this morning and Kiwis were hopeful it would lead to a decision by the end of the day.

Mr Jones was in a positive mood despite the party saying talks would continue in morning. 

"The meetings have gone successfully and people have retired to have a kai. There's a good spirit, a good spirit," Mr Jones said.

When pressed about when the public can expect a decision to be made, he said Mr Peters was the only one who could answer that question.

Seymour says 'Winston is off talking to his imaginary friends' and that nothing has been made public about policy. Source: Breakfast

Mr Jones then said he was leaving to have dinner and discuss his upcoming marriage in Rarotonga. 

In his haste to get away from reporters the NZ First MP almost became stuck in the automatic doors as they closed on him.

The NZ First board members are due to meet again tomorrow morning, so there likely won't be a decision announced until the afternoon at the earliest.

The NZ First board and caucus have been locked inside an all-day meeting at which it was thought a decision would be made. Source: 1 NEWS

The NZ First MP battled with the automatic door before retiring for the evening. Source: 1 NEWS