Watch: Jacinda Ardern interrupts speech to warmly welcome delighted school kids into room

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern stopped in the middle of her election review speech to welcome a group of school kids into the room and encourage them to take prime position to hear her talk. 

"Does anyone mind if the next generation comes in?," she asks the crowd. 

"I'm doing a very dull speech guys but you’re welcome. I was just at a real low point."

The then Finance Minister's first thoughts were "what have I done?" Source: 1 NEWS

A large opposition presence in select committees will ensure life won't be easy for the Labour-led Government. Source: 1 NEWS

The speech was being given as part of an opportunity for political leaders to reflect on the 2017 election, with Bill English speaking of a revitalised and energetic National Party, and Steven Joyce touching on the moment John Key stepped down

Ms Ardern used her speech to speak of the tumultuous journey the Labour Party endured prior to the election. 

"There is no doubt 2017 will remain the most extraordinary year of my life," she said. 

Large chunks form that period remain a bit of a blur, she said, due to "post election trauma".

Ms Ardern paid particular attention to former Labour Party leader Andrew Little. 

"I remember specifically the crunch point," she said. "It was 26 of July, I remember because it was my birthday."

She was given an update on Labour’s internal polling, "and it wasn't good". 

Ms Ardern said Mr Little was worried about the polls and canvassed with Ms Ardern what the party should do.

"It's just the kind of leader he was."

He later stood down, and there was "simply an expectation" for Ms Ardern to step forward as leader. 

The heart-warming moment saw Ms Ardern tell the children, "I was just at a real low point". Source: 1 NEWS

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