Watch: Inside the cell and interview room where cops allegedly held teenage boy against his will

The jury in the case of two senior police officers facing kidnapping charges is visiting a cell at Auckland Central Police Station where a teenage boy was allegedly held against his will.

Inspector Hurimoana Dennis and Sergeant Vaughan Perry face three charges between them but have pleaded not guilty.

Justice Wylie told the 12 jurors that in his view it was proper that they saw the cell and interview room where the 17 year-old was held.

The pair got caught up in a family's attempt to end a teenage love affair. Source: 1 NEWS

He also warned the jury not to become "detectives" during the visit and directed that they weren't allowed to ask any questions of police at the station.

In an Auckland trial, an inspector faces two charges of unlawfully detaining a teenager and a sergeant is charged with kidnapping. Source: 1 NEWS