Watch: Huge Hercules NZ Defence plane to the rescue with 12 tonnes of aid for Vanuatu volcano evacuees




One of the largest transport planes in the New Zealand Defence Force's arsenal, a Hercules C-130, has today been loaded with 12 tonnes of aid for evacuees who have fled Vanuatu's erupting volcano.

The huge shipment of $250,000 worth of supplies consists of tarpaulins, hygiene kits, generators, and mother-and-infant kits.

More than 11,000 people are evacuating from Ambae island, Vanuatu, due to the threat from an eruption from Monaro volcano.

It is predicted Monaro could keep erupting for months.  

Four New Zealand disaster relief experts have been sent to the island to help with with logistics and environmental health.

Ten local ships have been helping with the government-ordered evacuation of 11,000 people from Ambae island, about 250km from Port Vila.

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