Watch: 'It was a Glenmorangie' - James Shaw reveals he shared a whisky with Winston Peters

It might have been a case of needing to settle the nerves when James Shaw shared a whisky with Winston Peters during their first meeting since the coalition.

The Green Party co-leader said his meeting with Mr Peters was "very pleasant". Source: 1 NEWS

It wasn’t all smiles and compliments for Labour, NZ First and the Greens during the election campaign. Source: 1 NEWS

A feisty election campaign saw the NZ First leader and the Green Party clashing over many issues, evidence of which can be found in the video below.

No wonder then that the Green Party co-leader found it necessary to smooth things over with Mr Peters' favourite tipple, telling reporters he selected a Glenmorangie as a peace offering during the meeting.

"It was very pleasant, it was a social call, mostly because you guys gave us a hard time for not having met yet so we felt like we ought to," Mr Shaw told media today.