Watch: Breakfast weather presenter Matty McLean improvises brilliantly with hand-drawn map after technical failure

Breakfast weather presenter Matty McLean has improvised brilliantly with a hand-drawn map after a technical failure caused the graphics to go haywire this morning.

"I did my job, Jack, but it's broken – it's not working," Matty said from off-screen as the extent of the problem became clear.

However, co-host Jack Tame managed to cajole Matty back, who presented the forecast with a little help from his mate. 

"Let's just interpret it. Let's just interpret it. We can do this," Jack said, before drawing out the graphics with a pen and piece of paper while Matty presented.

"Good job! Got it!" Jack said after the job was done, which Hayley Holt called "a mess but amazing" for the viewers at home.

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    Things went a little haywire this morning after the weather graphics malfunctioned, but with the help of Jack Tame, Matty got through it. Source: Breakfast