Virtual reality technology helping kids with sensory challenges like autism

For kids with sensory challenges like autism, everyday experiences like popping down to the supermarket, crossing the road or swimming in the sea can be absolutely terrifying.

Christchurch's Allenvale School has found something to help bridge the gap. Source: Seven Sharp

But one Christchurch school has introduced something to try and bridge this gap.

With help from electronics giant Samsung, Allenvale School got hold of some virtual reality goggles.

And they're proving a much needed portal for 10-year-old Kingston Friggin to enjoy school, where he once hated it.

His mother Lytoya Adams said there were many difficult episodes at school brought out by Kingston's autism.

"There would be meltdowns and he'd be throwing himself on the floor and I'd probably leave in tears," Lytoya says.

"But now it's a breeze, like he's so much happier at school."

It took staff four months of hard work preparing Kingston to try the virtual reality goggles, but now he can’t get enough of them.

"I can see a brachiosaurus! It's a herbivore. We're gonna see the tyrannosaurus rex!" Kingston says with glee.

His Mum says it's all steps towards Kingston engaging with reality without a digital filter.

"I think it's definitely helped him come out of his shell a lot," Lytoya says.