Video shows car engulfed in flames near Auckland motorway onramp

A car has been engulfed in flames near an onramp to Auckland's Southern Motorway in the central city.

Auckland man Craig Harrison told 1 NEWS he was in his apartment doing some washing when he looked out and saw the car on fire, at that stage just a small blaze under the bonnet.

Moments later there were two bangs and the car became fully engulfed at the Hobson Street onramp.

"I looked out and two people were walking away," he said.

"Once firemen had put it out a woman came back to the car."

Harrison said the lane was reduced to one and there was a lot of traffic as rubberneckers slowed down for a peek at the destroyed vehicle.

Firefighters have since left the scene, but traffic management and a two truck had arrived, he said.

The fire has been extinguished.

In a tweet, the New Zealand Transport Agency told motorists to expect delays following the car fire, which started about 2.45pm.

"Pass the scene with care until the car can be fully cleared," the agency said.

Smoke from the blaze could be smelt in Auckland's CBD.

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