'It was very heavy' - Kiwi couple's gruesome discovery of decapitated head on Fijian beach

A New Zealand couple have described the horrific moment they found a decapitated head on a Fijian beach.

Graeme Bickley told ONE News he and his wife Jan were out for their morning walk yesterday when they noticed a bundle in the water.

"I went out in the tide and it was in knee depth water and grabbed it, it looked like a little bundle but it was very heavy of course," Mr Bickley said.

Police have launched a murder investigation after body parts belonging to a missing Russian couple washed up on a beach in Fiji. Source: 1 NEWS

Ten days ago feet belonging to Russian couple Yuri Shipulin and Nataliya Gerasimova were found on popular tourist beach Natadola, weighed down with rocks and wrapped in fishing net.

The couple had been missing since mid-June from their leased farm and police have since launched a murder investigation.

Mr Bickley said they were aware of the body parts story and so he waded out.

"It was slightly bigger than the steering wheel and completely round and full of rocks," Mr Bickley said.

Mr Bickley said it was wrapped in green fishing net material so they immediately alerted the authorities who took the bundle to Lautoka Hospital to open and identify.

Russian couple Yuri Shipulin and Nataliya Gerasimova. Source: 1 NEWS

He said the find left "a funny feeling in the tummy" but they were glad they were able to help in the investigation.

Today the police have been joined by navy personnel who are doing a grid search of the area for more body parts.

The Russian couple have been in Fiji since 2011, leasing an agricultural farm and running a photography business.