Union: H&M staff suspended, amid push for living wage

Workers at a prominent clothing chain who are in the midst of pushing for a living wage have been suspended today, a union says.

An H&M store Source:

FIRST Union said H&M staff have been negotiating a new agreement for several weeks after struggling with their current pay.

The union said some workers turned up for work today and were immediately suspended.

H&M could not immediately be reached for comment.

“It’s about trying to achieve the living wage, essentially the company’s punishing them for trying to achieve the living wage,” FIRST Union retail sector secretary Tali Williams told 1 NEWS.

“We’re just sick of this company’s attitude toward their own workers, people have had enough and are making a stand,” she said.

The union said about 20 staff were outside the H&M store at Sylvia Park in Auckland, and workers at Commercial Bay in Auckland and Botany were also affected.

It said H&M was able to afford paying staff a living wage but was choosing not to.

The union reported in 2019 that unionised workers at H&M were locked out after wearing stickers in stores.