UK engineer says Kiwi kids can work in the space industry - 'you don’t have to be super brainy'

Anyone can work in the space industry, that's the message a young scientist has for Kiwi kids following a science festival in Dunedin.

The popular event hosted some of the brightest minds in the business, including UK-based spacecraft engineer Sian Cleaver.

"I decided about the age of four or five that I wanted to be an astronaut.

"I basically declared this to my parents and ever since I have been passionate about the space industry," Ms Cleaver told 1 NEWS.

She is hoping to use that passion to inspire the next generation.

"I really want to tell them that anybody can work in these industries, this stuff is really exciting and really cool, but you don't have to be a super brainy person."

Ms Cleaver has been speaking to several groups on her trip to Dunedin, encouraging young minds to explore their potential.

Sian Cleaver was spreading the word at the New Zealand Science Festival in Dunedin. Source: 1 NEWS

Graphic warning: Alternatives to plastic straws – do they suck?

Some of the images in the video may distress some viewers

Plastic is bad, including straws, but the trouble is other options don’t always do the trick. Source: Seven Sharp

Plastic straws are being phased out in favour of more environmentally-friendly paper versions.

The move comes amid predictions that by 2050 our oceans will have more plastic in them than fish.

But do the alternatives still suck? TVNZ1's Seven Sharp reporter Mike Thorpe found out in the video above.


Older Nelson couple besieged by nuisance calls trial life-changing solution

A quiet older couple from Nelson who were feeling harassed by nuisance phone calls every night from all corners of the globe have been trialling a new device aimed at stopping the unwanted callers.

Graham and Cecilie Dyer are in their 80s and have been married for nearly 60 years.

Their otherwise quiet lives have been disrupted by nuisance calls from around the globe.

Now the octogenarians are among the first Kiwis trialling a device aimed at stopping the calls that has found success in the UK.

So did it work? Watch the video from TVNZ1's Seven Sharp above to find out.

The Dyers have been married nearly 60 years and value the quiet life – cold calling was making home time a misery. Source: Seven Sharp