Two men granted bail after raid on Wellington cannabis club

Two men have been granted bail on drugs charges following a raid on a Wellington cannabis club.

Source: 1 NEWS

The club’s founder Dakta Green and John Middledorp were arrested on 21 charges between them, including possession to supply Class B and C drugs.

The club, called the Daktory, in the Wellington suburb of Mt Victoria, was raided by police on Friday night. It’s a members only club and has been open for the past five months.

During the raid, police took cannabis, cash, utensils and equipment for growing marijuana.

“They have come after us like we are low-class citizens and I’m not going to stand for that.”

Green is opposed to next year’s referendum on whether or not to legalise recreational use of cannabis.

“Now we are being told that all the people that have never had a smoke in their lives, they get to vote whether I should be sent to jail or not. Nah ah, doesn’t work that way. The cannabis plant belongs to us,” said Green.

Mr Middledorp was bailed to an address in Mangawhai while Mr Green was bailed to the Daktory in Wellington on the condition he doesn’t use or possess cannabis.

They will next appear in court on September 23.