'They're getting more aggressive'- DNA spray possible breakthrough in stopping dairy robberies



Seven Sharp

A new tool in crime prevention which is being hailed a success by overseas dairy and petrol station owners should be installed in dozens of New Zealand businesses by the end of the year.

Seven Sharp went to see exactly how it works.
Source: Seven Sharp

The futuristic innovation is a DNA spray which is used to trace suspected robbers for up to two weeks, and will allow police to identify the person to the exact store location.

The device is activated by the person behind the counter when a shop is being robbed, the DNA spray then sprays the robber as they leave the store.

David Morrissey from the SLS Security Group sells the devices here in New Zealand and Australia, and says they've already proved their worth.

"It's all about deterrent we actually had our first conviction with a spray being used at the BNZ in Manukau in 2014 where an offender committed the offence," Mr Morrissey said.

Kiwi police are also backing the new crime fighting weapon.

"These offenders are getting more bold they're getting more aggressive, and that is the whole reason why we have been funded $1.8 million from the government to prevent aggravated robberies," Inspector Naila Hassan area commander for Counties Manukau said.

Around 54 stores will have the DNA spray installed by Christmas, in the hope of deterring criminals who are costing store owners thousands in insurance claims and also their livelihoods.

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