'They're being exploited' - Outrage at jobs being advertised on website for below minimum wage

A website is advertising jobs for backpackers and temporary visitors at below the minimum wage, in a market that's being described as the "wild west".

The Backpacker Board website currently has around 600 jobs on offer, but a workers' advocate has taken some to task for advertising roles at below $16.50 per hour.

Welfare advocate Chloe Ann-King has publicly shamed employers on social media taking screenshots of ads that pay below the minimum wage - including in farming and dairy - and encouraging people to call them up and complain.

Ms King said the job market was like the wild west.

"They're being exploited and when you talk to them, they know something is wrong, but because of lack of knowledge and oversight they don't know what to do," she said.

Ms King said in some cases the employers didn't know the minimum wage had gone up.

"So once again I find that incredibly hard to believe because the governmental annual increase goes up at exactly the same time every single year," she said.

Federated Farmers vice-president Andrew Hoggard calls it a no-brainer and said farmers needed to be acting within the law.

"You know I would have thought people would know what the minimum standard - particularly what the minimum wage is ... it's not exactly like it hasn't been in the news," he said.

Mr Hoggard said entry level farm workers were usually earning around $18 an hour and there was no excuse for paying less.

He said if farmers were in doubt, there was a lot of support available from his organisation or DairyNZ.

"Nowadays we've got bloody good wage keeping tools that make the job so much simpler doing everything right," he said.

One farmer offering below the minimum wage told RNZ he was more interested in making sure the worker was fed and had a roof over their head.

Workplace Relations Minister Iain Lees-Galloway was unavailable to be interviewed, but a spokesperson said he was getting advice from the Labour Inspectorate about the advertisments.

The website has not responded to Radio New Zealand's requests for comment.

- By Jonathan Mitchell

A screenshot from the Backpacker Board website
A screenshot from the Backpacker Board website. Source: