Tens of thousands of Kiwis flock to exhibition showcasing real human bodies


An exhibition showcasing real human bodies has had close to 100,000 visitors during its three months in New Zealand.

The Body Worlds exhibition has been seen by 45 million people worldwide.
Source: 1 NEWS

The Body Worlds exhibition, featuring around 200 human specimens - including 20 complete bodies - has averaged 1000 visitors a day.

It is the first time the specimens, preserved through a process known as plastination, have been displayed here.

Internationally, the exhibition has been seen by over 45 million people.

Organisers say Kiwi visitors have included close to 20,000 school-age children.

Curator Dr Angelina Whalley told 1 NEWS the intention of the display is to educate visitors on how their bodies work, and how to best take care of them.

"We have our body with us all our life - it's the only place we have to live" Dr Whalley said.

In the final section of the exhibition, visitors are asked to review what they feel encouraged to change in their lives as a result of what they saw and learnt.

Over 18,000 people said they wanted to sleep more, and over 15,000 people said they wanted to exercise more.

The exhibition's last day is tomorrow.

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