Tauranga residents still advised not to swim in Pilot Bay following water quality concerns

Tauranga residents are still being warned to stay out of the water in Pilot Bay after yesterday's wastewater overflow. 

Tauranga City Council group community advisor Rachler Schicker said the warning is precautionary until the water is confirmed to be safe. 

Ms Schicker said the council is expecting the test results to come back on Tuesday morning. 

The cause is believed to be a pipe which became blocked with wet wipes, causing an overflow.

Ms Schicker said. "Blockages like the one yesterday cause the flow to build up in manholes that then overflow into the street and enter the storm water network via drains"

She said most wastewater blockages could be prevented if people stopped trying to flush items that are not meant to be flushed.

"The toilet is not a rubbish bin. We urge people not to flush anything that shouldn’t be flushed." 

The blockage was likely caused by wet wipes and other un-flushable items. Source: 1 NEWS