Take a tour of the Auckland nudist camp offering a slice of serenity to enthusiasts

Nudist camps are something you'd expect in Europe - not so much in West Auckland.

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It’s a place where people can shed their clothes and inhibitions. Source: Seven Sharp

But tucked away in Swanson is a slice of serenity, where people grin and bare it all.

The Auckland Outdoor Naturist Club is an oasis, spread across 26 acres.

Alice, Dion and their son Edwin, who turns five today, are members who visit most weekends.

“This just brings you out in nature, and brings families together, and is a very good way to reconnect with the earth,” Dion Dewett says.

He works in IT and loves disconnecting at the club.

“Particularly when you've got a high-pressure job as well this is such fantastic way to unwind and reset your batteries.”

Alice Dewett says, “I just love it and I think everyone should try it to see if they like it or not.”

Seven Sharp’s Nina Burton went to see what it’s all about in the video above.